Packing Tips to Save Space As You Travel on Vacation

Packing for a vacation doesn’t have to be a nightmare, but often it is when you’re trying to remember items and save space. To ensure that you have enough space for everything you need to bring along, check out these packing tips to save space.
Packing for a family vacation doesn't have to be a nightmare when you read about these great packing tips to save space. Check them out today!

Packing Tips to Save Space While You Travel


Make a list of clothing you’d like to wear and match up outfits before you pack them. This will ensure you don’t pack too many clothes and that you have an idea of everything you need to bring. When planning outfits, choose items that can be worn multiple times, such as jeans or cardigans. Pick outfits that can easily go from day-to-evening with just a few accessory changes.

Place heavy items, like jeans, corduroy, and wool in first. Add lighter items toward the top. Make sure clothes are folded as small and flat as they can be, or use the rolling technique that allows you to roll clothing into small balls that will fit next to one another. Don’t pack items that will wrinkle easily if you can help it. Use underwear and socks as fillers by jamming them in anywhere they’ll fit.


Stick to one color palette to get the most of your accessories and so that you can bring enough of them without taking up too much space. For example, this would include a black belt, black shoes, and a black purse, or some other color scheme.

  • For women- bring just one evening bag and one day bag to carry items.
  • Place earrings, necklaces, and bracelets all in their own bags.
  • Choose just one perfume/cologne to bring with you and place it inside a pair of socks for safekeeping.
  • One of the best accessories you can take is a silk scarf or two, which can dress up plain outfits and don’t take up too much space.
  • Wrap shoes in plastic shopping bags and place them between clothing.


Toiletries should go in a separate bag or tote in case they spill, or you can place them in a plastic bag (or two) and put it in the middle of your suitcase with your clothing to protect it from falls.

  • Buy 2-in-1 items when you can to reduce the amount of bottles in your bag.
  • Buy travel-sized and mini containers to save space.
  • Bring items that won’t take you too long to use. For example, you can air dry your hair instead of bringing your hair-dryer along.
  • Minimize makeup to just the basics and use all-purpose makeup where you can.
  • Stick to the basics of hygiene. A toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razor, shave cream, shampoo, conditioner, and hair gel is generally all you’ll need.


  • Leave your library at home and look into carrying just one or two books, or even an electronic reader.
  • Make sure electronics are secure, but stash them inside your bags anywhere you can.
  • If you need a hair dryer, curling iron, and clothing iron buy portables and place them with your electronics in larger suitcases.
  • Always bring a small first-aid kit and pack it in your purse or carry-on.
  • Pack snacks in a small bag in your carry-on or purse.
  • Like items should always be placed near one another for easy access.

To Buy Once You Arrive

Remember, you can buy toiletries once you arrive, and you can rent irons and hair dryers from the hotel where you’ll stay. Food can always be purchased during travel, as can books and magazines. It’s sometimes easier to wait until you’re settled to add more items to your bags, especially when you know you may not bring the item back (like travel sized toiletries).

Packing for a family vacation doesn't have to be a nightmare when you read about these great packing tips to save space. Check them out today!

Tips to Organize A Packing List So You Don’t Forget Anything

List Everything You Need By Room

Go through your home and write down every single room you have. No, this is not a waste of time simply because you don’t think you need something from your kitchen.

Now, make a list of everything you know you will need to bring with you, starting with toiletries. List them by room in which you keep them. For example, if your toothbrush is in the bathroom, list it under the “bathroom” portion of your list, but if your contact lens case is in your nightstand, list it under the “bedroom” portion of your list.

Next, move on to clothing and list each item by room, as above. After that, move on to comfort items. This would include your neck pillow, your daughter’s teddy bear, or your husband’s favorite robe. Finally, list all electronics and extra batteries- you know, the ones you keep in the drawer in the kitchen… that room you didn’t think you’d need to list items in.

Make a Timeline

You don’t want to pack your toothbrush a week in advance, but you can pack that sweater you rarely wear. Go through your list and make a timeline of when you should pack items. You can even pull out outfits for the week or five days in advance so that you can pack the items you need now to make sure you don’t forget any clothing you wanted to bring. The items that can be packed now should be and the items that must wait should be added to another list and placed where you won’t lose it.

Assess Your Bags

After you’ve made your lists, look at your bags. Are you traveling by air? Then lay out any carry on bags you’ll have and make a separate list for what needs to go in it. If you are traveling by ground, layout bags for keeping alike items together for easy access. For example, all toiletries should go in one bag and all electronics should go in another. As you pack these bags, mark the items off your master list.

Gift Giving
If you are bringing a gift to someone when you travel, either make it a small gift, plan to ship it the day you leave, or plan to buy when you arrive. These are the best options, as bulky or large gifts will only hinder you when traveling.

Make a Buying List

You don’t have to pack everything from your bathroom. In fact, most retail stores have aisles with travel sized toiletries available for cheap. So, take your toiletries list and buy the things you need.

Then, immediately put them in the toiletries bag you have set aside. This will ensure you don’t forget anything.

Share your packing tips so you can save space.

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