Refrigerator Organization: How? When? Why?

Many people look into organization this time of year, but too often the refrigerator goes overlooked. Refrigerator organization can be an easy task that will help you in many ways. Here are the reasons why you should do it, as well as how and when to organize your fridge.

How, when and why should you organize the fridge? This organizing project takes a few minutes and you will see the benefits immediately.

Refrigerator Organization: How? When? Why?

Why Fridge Organization Is Important

Organizing your refrigerator can help you determine what you need to buy and what you have enough of. Think of it as a simple way to help you meal plan. Plus, if you organize your fridge properly and when you should, you are more likely to find leftovers for an easy dinner idea, get rid of old food when it expires and save money when you go grocery shopping. Finally, organizing your refrigerator will help you keep your food fresher for a longer period of time and ensures you will always have fresh food on hand.

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How To Organize A Refridgerator

First, remove everything out of the refrigerator and deep clean out every nook and cranny. Once you have done that, place Arm and Hammer baking soda in the door. This helps keep odors and germs at bay. Then, place the food back in the fridge where it belongs. Did you know leftovers should go to the back of the refrigerator at the top because it’s the coldest spot? Milk should also go towards the back and not in the door, where it will be exposed to the air each time the door is opened. Place vegetables in the proper bins and out of their plastic bags. Condiments should go in the doors. Cheeses and lunch meats should be sealed tightly and go in their own bin, away from the produce. I use a small basket with a handle to easily make sandwiches for everyone in my family.

When To Organize The Fridge

Go through and do a light re-organizing once a week. During this time, make your grocery list based on what you find versus what you actually need. While this may seem like extra work, after a few weeks you’ll see it takes no time at all and you get a better idea of what you actually need to buy at the store. Once a month, do a thorough cleaning to rid the refrigerator of germs. These make food go bad faster, so if they are gone food will stay fresher much longer.

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