House Cleaning Tips

With 40+ house cleaning tips, you will find helpful tips and tricks to get your home cleaned quickly, efficiently and you can even get the kids involved too!

I need a clone! I’ve been saying this for years, but the reality is we don’t need a clone, we need quick house cleaning tips to get the job done and done right.

Gone are the days of cleaning the house all day! With these house cleaning tips will get you, your home and your life under control so you can enjoy the finer things in life…like your family!

How long should it take to deep clean a house?

You are looking at about 2-3 hours from start to finish for a 1500 square foot house if you are getting it done in one day.

Can these tasks be done over a week?

Absolutely! In fact, that’s what I recommend doing. I like to choose 1 room a day to deep clean. This makes the task of deep cleaning/spring cleaning a manageable task for busy people.

How can I motivate myself to clean a messy house?

Turn on some music, get out the cleaning caddy, and have fun. I know…have fun sounds weird when you are thinking about cleaning, but when you have some good music on and all your supplies together you could have your own cleaning/dance party.

How do I get the kids involved? 

Designate an age-appropriate area for them to clean. Give them all the supplies they need and let them clean. If they don’t do it the way you like it done, this is a good teaching moment to show them how to clean.