Tidy Up with a Cleaning Caddy

We all have to clean and most of us don’t like it.  Before discovering how much my cleaning caddy has become a lifesaver for me, I found myself falling into the “I don’t like to clean” category.  I know it has to be done so I had to find a way to make it easier and faster.

Before discovering how much my cleaning caddy has become a lifesaver, I found myself in the “I don’t like to clean” category. Now cleaning is a breeze! See how a cleaning caddy can help you save time and keep your home clean! - MomsConfession.com

A while back, I was sitting around thinking of ways to make life easier and then it hit me… moms are always on the go and tidying up the house should not be an all day daunting task.  It should be simplified and we should all be able to feel like speed cleaners!  Right? ;)

With today’s organizing tip, you can be well on your way to the speed cleaning that we all envision in our minds.

Cleaning Caddy Idea #1  

Keep all your cleaners in one place with a cleaning caddy plastic bin with a handle.  You can get a cleaning caddy on Amazon for as little as $2.25 each and the price goes up from there.  You can also find these at your local retailers in your area, so there are options to getting your hands on this nifty little tool!

The best part…you could also have one for each room in your home so you don’t even have to tote it around!  That’s a winner if you ask me!

Cleaning Caddy Idea #2

You can also use a reusable grocery bag as well.  They are just as effective, but the only problem I have found with them is that the bottles tend to fall over.  I like options, so this is just another option for you to get started! :)

How much time has this organizing tip saved me

At this point, cleaning the house is a breeze. I can go through my 1600 (yeah, not so big) house and clean every room in about 2 hours! I will gladly take 2 hours over 8 hours any day! Carrying cleaners one by one or two by two to each room in the house costs tons of time and heartache, but with the cleaning caddy…I’m on my cleaning game! ;)

What tips do you have to tidy your home faster?

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