Life Hacks for Busy Moms to Help Save Your Sanity

It’s no surprise that moms are very busy today. We seem to fill the role of so many hired professionals from taxis to chefs, we somehow manage to do it all, even if we don’t think we do. For me personally, I am a big critic of myself. I always worry that I am not doing everything I should be. This places so much pressure on myself to have it all. I think in the end, as long as everyone is happy, healthy and well-adjusted, I am doing all I need to. This isn’t to say that I couldn’t use a few tricks and tips to make things easier on myself, so here are some life hacks for busy moms to help you save a bit of your sanity.
Looking for life hacks to make life easier? Here are a few tips and tricks I use daily to save a bit of my sanity and make everything run smoother at home.

Life Hacks for Busy Moms

Keep a small trash in your car. I don’t know how my car gets so full of garbage so quickly, but it seems just when I cleaned it out, here comes the wrappers, junk mail and papers to fill it back up again. I keep a large lidded container in my car lined with a shopping bag to help corral some of this.

You know those annoying things to scrub in the sink like cheese graters that have all those little holes? Keep an old toothbrush near your sink and use that! A toothbrush is also great for scrubbing in seals on your fridge.

If your kids really dig bath toys, but you are scared of them turning moldy inside, try using a glue gun to seal up holes in the bottom of the bath toy. They will still float, but water won’t be able to get inside. Check periodically to see if it needs to be resealed.

Create a homework station at home. It keeps everything organized and in one place and allows you to keep an eye on homework being done. Here are some tips on how to create a homework station.

Skip picking out an outfit for each day the night before to save time. Instead, pick out a week’s worth of clothes! You can make this even easier on yourself if you only buy neutral colors and make everything match each other interchangeably.

If you have hardwood or vinyl floors, skip doing art projects with little ones at tables. Just lay down some newspaper and do your projects on the floor. When you are done, just crumple up the newspaper and sweep. No more wiping tables, wiping chairs and THEN sweeping.

Save time cutting up stuff like pancakes, pizza slices, sandwiches and so on for little ones with a pizza cutter. It takes way less time and can cut through most things with ease.

Use aluminum foil to scrub out hard to clean pans and casserole dishes. You can even make them new again by following this simple tutorial on how to make your Pyrex like new again.

Keep all of your cleaning supplies in one easy to carry caddy on each floor of your home. This way you won’t have to go up and down stairs to get to them. My cleaning caddy has saved me hours of time. See how I use my cleaning caddy to tidy up the messes quickly.

More Life Hacks for Moms

Do you do any of these hacks or have some of your own? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

Looking for life hacks to make life easier? Here are a few tips and tricks I use daily to save a bit of my sanity and make everything run smoother at home.

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  1. Tyla Milian says:

    Great idea about bath tub toys. No more moldy oldies! Will be repinning this:)

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