How to Organize Jewelry and Keep it Organized

Do you adore jewelry but find that you are running out of space for it? Keeping your jewelry organized can be quite frustrating, as it does not take much to get it in a tangle. Instead, why not consider some of these simple and inexpensive ways to keep your baubles organized instead? These ideas are such a cinch, and a great way to make sure the items you need are always at your fingertips. Take a look!

7 Great Tips to Organize Your Jewelry and keep it that way! |

How to Organize Jewelry and Keep it Organized

Egg Cartons

Don’t pitch those egg cartons when you are done with them. Instead, wash and dry them and use them to keep small items such as earrings and rings organized. The little compartments and soft cushioning make them perfect for this.

Tackle Boxes

You can find inexpensive tackle boxes at most retail stores. The plastic drawers and dividers make a tackle box perfect for keeping pieces separated and tangle free.

Command Hooks

Command hooks are great because they can be applied anywhere and remove easily. Place a few in a row on your wall and use them to hang necklaces. This way, the items can hang as they are naturally designed to and stay in a great tangle free shape.

Cheese Grater

Hit up a thrift store or two and look for the old fashion metal cheese graters that stand up by themselves. You can paint it or use it as is, just hang earrings directly in the small holes and presto! You have an instant earring holder.

Store Display Pieces

Craft stores such as Hobby Lobby sell display hands, necks, and fingers just like the jewelry stores use. These are great for keeping special pieces displayed and organized on your dresser top.

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Get Crafty with Canvas

Earrings can be stuck directly into a canvas for storage. But a simple canvas (you can even paint it if you want) and press your earrings into it. Then, just hang the piece on your wall. It is decorative and functional.

Think Outside the Jewelry Box

You don’t have to use a traditional jewelry box. Instead, find any box or container at your local thrift store that appeals to you. Tuck away your treasures and display it to your liking on your dresser or tuck away in a drawer.

As you can see there are plenty of easy ways to keep your jewelry organized. Give these tips a try and you are sure to find mornings just a little bit easier.

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