15 Organizing Projects to an Organized Space in 15 Minutes or Less

If organization is one of your goals in the new year, you may be overwhelmed with where to start and how long it will take you. Most people think that organization is something that takes a long time to do and even set aside days at a time to do it, but the truth is, you can do many organizational projects in as little as 15 minutes and many of these projects are things you can keep up on in the same amount of time. This way, for little time at all, you can keep your home in a place where you want it without feeling like it’s too much to handle. Here are 15 organizing projects in 15 minutes or less!

Get organized this year with organizing projects you can complete in 15 minutes or less. Plus, get a free printable to keep in your home management binder.

15 Organizing Projects in 15 Minutes

  1. Clean out your cleaning supplies. Toss out old ones or empty bottles and organize the rest into a cleaning caddy.
  2. Leave a basket by your door for shoes. Place shoes in the rooms, they belong every week and start with an empty basket.
  3. Clean out drawers in one room. Do this in a new room each day.
  4. Hang up a message center in your home. If it can hang keys on it, that is a bonus! This will help everyone stay on the same page as well as be a place to write reminders before you head out the door.
  5. Go through your cupboards and get rid of any plates, glasses or mugs that have chips. Make room for only your best stuff.
  6. Organize your recipes. Don’t keep big cookbooks for a couple of recipes you regularly use. Instead, take copies of it and make a recipe binder. Donate these books to a thrift store or library.
  7. Look up printables that you could use and get a binder to place them all in. This way, you always have a place for babysitter’s info, menu plans, packing lists and more!
  8. Go through your closet and pair together several outfits on hangers. This will make it easy to get dressed in the morning. Do this every week as you get done with laundry.
  9. Clean up your night stands. Get rid of any garbage, plates, books you are done reading and so on.
  10. Organize the linen closet. Re-fold towels and linens as well as get rid of any that have holes or tears. You can also turn old towels with rips and holes into rags by cutting them to size.
  11. Clean up your pantry. This shouldn’t take you long and will help so much with knowing what is in there. Check out these tips for quick pantry organization to get you started.
  12. Clean out your spices and seasonings. You should be able to still smell a spice strongly in order for it to be useful. If you can’t it needs to go. Make a mental note of ones you don’t use often. This cuts clutter in your kitchen.
  13. Make organizing and keeping clean easy for yourself and your family. Place cups for loose change, wastebaskets and general bins available in each room.
  14. Do a thorough clean-out under each sink. You will find you have a lot more space and can even get some nice bins in there to keep it spacious and organized.
  15. Get a handle on cord clutter. Label your cords and untangle them and then find a way to keep them hidden. I love these 2 products (below) to organize my cord clutter!

Free Printable: 15 Organizing Projects in 15 Minutes or Less! | Moms Confession

To make this super easy for you, I’ve put the 15 Organizing Projects in 15 Minutes or Less together for you as a printable! Get your free printable organizing projects here!

What are some quick and easy ways you stay organized? Let me know in the comments!

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Get organized this year with organizing projects you can complete in 15 minutes or less. Plus, get a free printable to keep in your home management binder.

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