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Daily Must Do’s for Moms

The daily grind of housework gets old for all of us. It’s daunting, it’s stressing and even though it’s number one of the priorities I have after taking care of the children…it’s the last thing we all want to do. Am I right? Yeah, I thought so!

I find that sticking to a daily cleaning schedule of must-dos helps me stay on top of things, though. Otherwise, I end up with a larger problem and my home quickly spirals out of control.

I have a generic list of specific stuff that has to be done daily around the house. If only my little list gets done everyday…life is good! By doing this list, I make sure my home is never in too bad of shape and is almost always “company ready”. Knowing that my home is presentable at all times helps me stay less stressed.

Daily Must Dos for Moms

Daily Must-Do’s for Moms

My daily cleaning checklist looks something like this:

Vacuum floors – This is important if you pets and kids. You don’t need to do every room in the house, but your should do common areas. It shouldn’t take too long to so this if you just stick with the areas company is most likely to see. Get to bedrooms and the like every 2-3 days.

Pull out dinner – This goes with my meal planning. I like to use freezer meals to save me time as well as making sure I always know whats month menu next. Make sure you check out my ebook, Meal Planning for Busy Moms for tons of tips on how you can be a meal planning pro!

Wash, dry, & fold a load of laundry – Just doing one load of laundry a day in our house makes sure I never end up with tons of loads to do all at once and we always have clean clothes to wear. There is never a clothing crisis of “I have nothing to wear because it’s all dirty!” It is extremely important to do this even if you don’t feel like it (unless of course you are sick, then ask for some help) to avoid the large pile up pitfall. Check out these laundry hacks for busy moms too!

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Wipe down kitchen table and counters and don’t forget the dishes too – This not only keeps things clean and crumb-free, but it also means I can stay on top of clutter that might accumulate there such as opened mail, wrappers my kids leave behind and dishes left out.

Doing the dishes in my sink allows me to keep things clutter-free and make sure I have anything I need when I cook.

Wipe down bathroom counters – Hard water spots can accumulate on the bathroom counters if it’s left to sit there. I avoid having to do too much deep cleaning of my bathroom counters and facets by just giving them a good wipe-down each day.

Swish the toilet – This is not the same thing as a full toilet cleaning, but it keeps things from looking dirty in between cleanings because it doesn’t allow hard water and mineral deposits to build up. You can also do a quick wipe on the back and seat of the toilet each day as well.

What’s on your daily to do list to keep your home running smoothly? 

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