Cleaning Tips For Fall

It’s hard to believe that fall has approached us so quickly. I spend time spring cleaning every year, but I also take the time to really clean my home every fall as well. Check out these cleaning tips for fall and get enjoy the cool weather!

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Cleaning Tips For Fall

Cleaning tips like these make it easy to really clean up and get your home ready for the busy holiday season.  From cleaning out and sorting seasonal items, to simply getting to those deep cleaning tasks you keep putting off, this is a great place to begin.  Our simple tips will help you manage fall cleaning with ease.

Air Out the House

Before the cold weather hits, it’s time to let the house air out a bit. The next few weeks will be your last chance to get any weird smells out of the house before it’s on cold weather lock down.  Spend a few days with windows open and air flowing through the house.  This will help refresh your home, and save on energy for heating or cooling during this in-between season.

Clean the windows

Windows can get incredibly dirty. Make sure you take the time to clean those windows this fall. If you’re up for it, try and clean the inside and the outside of the windows.  A good window cleaner and some microfiber cloths are my favorite methods, but many swear by using vinegar and newspaper.  Pick the method you prefer, and clean away!

Wipe down the walls and the kitchen cabinets

I spend a lot of time in the fall wiping down walls and cabinets. It’s amazing how much grime can build up on those items over the year. I use a Magic Eraser on the walls to get the tough stains out and it’s pretty amazing what will come out of the cabinets as well. Grease really builds up on cabinets after a while and wiping them down helps tremendously.

Clean out the closets

One thing you will need to do to prep your home for this fall is clean out the closets to make room for winter items. Boots and jackets take up a ton of room, so make the room now before the snow starts to sprinkle down.  You may also want to follow our tips for organizing your closet to get things orderly and perhaps purge items you no longer need.

Try these closet organization tips!

Change the Filter on the Furnace

Although not everyone would consider this a cleaning tip, it’s an important step to not forget. Change the filter on the furnace while you are busy getting your home ready for fall. This will help extend the life of your furnace and help keep your home nice and warm during those cold months.

Update your Smoke Detector and Carbon Monoxide Detector

It’s a good idea to change out the batteries and check to make sure these both work, but you may also take this time to update them to newer and better models.  I love the First Alert Combination Detector.  It’s a bit pricier than buying them individually, but it is so much nicer to only have one to worry about each year.

Lastly…make a checklist of everything you need to complete during the fall months. Believe me, you will be glad you did!  These fall cleaning tips are just what you need to jump start the upcoming holiday season!

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  1. I do think it is important to do a great deep clean more than just in the spring. I try to do an over all deep clean, have the carpets cleaned, air ducts cleaned, the furnace cleaned and air filter replaced in the fall. I haven’t changed out the model of smoke or carbon monoxide detector that I have in quite awhile – just the batteries. I can see the advantages though, thanks for the tip!

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