7 Ways To Organize Your Chores List

If you are trying to save time and get organized, you might need to begin by knowing how to organize your chores. Having a great organized method of cleaning your home will help you in so many ways around your home. Keeping things on the track gives you a better method of organizing your entire home. Starting with chores is just the beginning of a truly organized home.

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7 Ways To Organize Your Chores List

Separate daily, weekly, and monthly chores. The best way to organize your chore list is to separate items that have to be done daily, weekly and monthly. Those things like taking out the garbage, feeding pets and even doing dishes would be on the daily list. Laundry, vacuuming, and dusting on the weekly list. Heavier chores like deep cleaning baseboards, ceiling fans or even scrubbing the tile in your shower can be added to your monthly list. I love using a dry erase calendar to help keep things organized week to week and to switch things up with the kids.

Separate by the amount of time needed to complete chore. Not only do you need to separate your chore list by when you will be doing them, but also by how long it will take. This helps you make it possible to do a few in the morning, afternoon and evening. 5-minute chores might be taking the garbage out. Sorting laundry might be a 15-minute chore. Doing dishes, mopping or vacuuming may take closer to 30 minutes.

Evaluate time needs and your daily schedule to build a functional daily chore list. The purpose of figuring out the time it takes to complete chores is so you can build a functional daily chore list. Organize your chores by creating a daily calendar showing what can be done each morning and evening. You’ll mix and match daily chores with weekly and monthly on this calendar.

Organize your chore list by rooms in the house. Another great option is to organize our list by the rooms in the house. Take your daily, weekly and monthly schedule then divide it by room. Your calendar can include a color-coding method to tell you what room to tackle each day, as well as how long it will take to complete those chores.

Do your least favorite chore first. One of the best ways to organize your chores list is to put your least favorite chore at the top of each day. Get it over with, and you can move on to easier things, and this makes it faster to complete.

Assign daily chores to your children. Or, you can alternately assign those hated chores to your kids. In fact, assigning chores to your kids and spouse is a must for staying organized in your cleaning schedule. Simple chores for when they are younger can then turn into more detailed items when they get older. They can help sort and put away their laundry at a young age, then actually do the laundry themselves as they get older. Teaching them gradually is a great way to build responsibility into their lives easily. Use a fun dry erase kids chore chart to make it even easier for them to keep track.

Allow flex time in your chore schedule. One of the best tips for having an organized chore list is to build some flex time into your chore schedule. Give yourself at least, one day a week with minimal or no chores. Allow yourself a break, so you don’t have to worry about working on cleaning every day of the week.

These tips for how to organize your chores list will help you to manage those daily cleaning and clutter control tasks that are a must in every house.

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