Organize Your Life For Success This Year

If your goal for next year is to organize your life, I have some tips for you to help manage your time, responsibilities and your family. When you are learning how to get organized can take on different meanings for different people. Don’t think of organization as an all-or-nothing endeavor! It is, however, a lifestyle change and this is most effectively done in small steps. Here are some tips to organize your life before the New Year begins so you have a head start to your new life!

Are you ready to organize your life and manage your time, responsibilities and family better? When you are learning how to get organized, it can take on different meanings for different people and that is all part of the organization process. Check out these organizing tips to start the year off on the right foot!

Organize Your Life For Success This Year

Most of us are organized in some areas of our lives and not so much in others so it’s a good rule of thumb to identify your trouble areas. If you know that your kitchen cabinets and bathroom are organized,  then you know you have a system in place for these areas and you don’t have to worry about them as much as another area of the home. In my home, my trouble areas are the closets so I started there.

In order to organize your life, you should sit down and come up with a list of areas in your life that cause you the most stress. By doing so, you can move forward and figure out your organization strategy to declutter your life and start the new year organized and ready for anything that life throws your way!

How to Get Organized When You’re Unorganized

Getting and staying organized does not have to be a complicated process. I think for many of us try to overcomplicate what needs to happen in order for us to come up with a plan. Instead of overcomplicating the process, make organizing easy on yourself.

For instance, if you want to manage your time better, it may be as simple as using an alarm system for each task. This will help you change course or stop what you are doing so you can complete the next task on your list. There are many apps like 30/30 that allows you to setup a list of daily tasks with a time limit for each one. When you start the timer, it will tell you when to move onto the next task.

Organizing Tools For Success

If getting organized is your biggest goal, it is important to gather the organizing tools you need to do the job. Whether you are getting your home office organized or your home is in total disarray, having the right tools to get organized can either make or break the success of your organization journey.

Some of my favorite organizing tools include:

  • Erin Condren Life Planner – plan every aspect of your life and keep everything going on organized so you never miss another appointment, event, assignment, etc.
  • Paper Shredder – shred mail as it comes in so the pile never becomes too overwhelming
  • Freedom Filer – it’s a rotating filing system that is designed to “self-clean” itself yearly.
  • Shoe Organizers – these are great to keep medicines, hair products, snacks for the kids in the pantry and just about anything you think of, including shoes on the back of a closet door.
  • Storage Boxes – pair like items such as extra chargers, school supplies, remotes, etc. in the boxes so you can hide the small stuff that creates additional clutter in your home.
  • Organizing Printables – sometimes, these “tools” can even be free. There are many printables available to help you organize different areas of your life at Moms Confession. Just grab a 3-ring binder and start putting them to good use!

More Organization Tips for the Home

Declutter Your Life

No one can stay organized if they have clutter everywhere, so take my advice and declutter your life as you go through the organizing process. Too much stuff and not enough space is one of the reasons most people fall into chaos and out of order.

If you know you will be bringing new stuff into your home; this ultimately becomes the perfect time to declutter and get rid of items you no longer need. Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, remodeling project, etc. decluttering your life at the beginning will make all the difference in how successful how well you organize your life.

It’s as simple as going through your child’s room and getting rid of any broken or outgrown toys or your own space on a seasonal basis. Decluttering your life will not only make your life easier, it will make your organizing goal achievable.

Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to enlist help. Let your family and/or roommates know you are trying to get organized in the new year. Not only will they need to know in case new house rules come into play, but they can also help keep you accountable in some ways. Let your family know how they can help you and come up with a plan to help it all work more smooth in the coming year.

Are you trying to get organized? Do you have any tips? Where are your trouble areas? Let me know in the comments!

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