Declutter Tips For Any Room in 10 Minutes

We all receive that unexpected phone call that Aunt Sharon, who says she is dropping by and will be at your house in ten minutes. You hang up the phone, have a panic attack because the house has been destroyed by the kiddos out of boredom and begin to wonder where you can hide all the clutter….am I not right?!? Have no worries, you can use these declutter tips for any room in ten minutes!

We have all received that phone call that someone is dropping by unexpectedly. Have no worries you can use these declutter tips for any room in ten minutes!

To declutter effectively, every family member will need their own basket. While the wicker baskets are often cute, they will get destroyed in no time. So you will want to drop by your favorite home décor retailer {like Target} or do some online shopping at Amazon. You’ll want to consider having a different color or style for each member of your loving family. If you can label it, even better!

Here are a few baskets to consider:

Foldable Fabric Basket
Chrome Storage Bin
Honey-Do Canvas Tote

When you get home, teach the kids which basket is theirs. Go into a room and tell everyone to pick up what is theirs and place in the basket. From there if the family has time to put all the items back in their respected locations go ahead and do so. If you are in a hurry to tidy up, stick the baskets in a closet or under the kids beds to clean up when there is time!

You can also do this with older kids and teach them to put away their laundry! Ahhh, a clean house…now to get the kids to eat their veggies!

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