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How to Speed Clean Your Home In 30 Minutes a Day

Is your home ready for guests? No! You need these speed cleaning tips in your life! In minutes, you can speed clean your house and be guest-ready anytime!

Is your home ready for guests? No! You need these speed cleaning tips in your life! In minutes, you can speed clean your house and be guest-ready anytime!

Do you speed clean your home?  If not, I am going to let you in on a little secret.  I regularly speed clean.  Why?  Because it is the perfect way to help me feel accomplished in a short amount of time.  For some of us that feeling is important.  Especially as a work at home mom.  So, check out my secret tips and learn how and why you should be speed cleaning too!

How To Speed Clean Your Home

Keep in mind, I still suggest you take the time to do a monthly deep clean of your home.  The thing is, let’s say you’ve got company coming over and need to cover the basics. That is where speed cleaning is a must.  I learned a long time ago that a good speed clean of your house can be useful for last minute guests as well as just making you feel like you have accomplished something for the day. Let’s get started with my tips!

Entryway & Living Room

The first thing people notice when they enter your home is the way it smells. You may have experienced this yourself. It doesn’t matter how beautiful a person’s home is if it smells like a litter box, are you not completely distracted?! Likewise, you might overlook quite a bit if a person’s home smells lemony fresh. Be sure to diffuse your essential oils in one of the first spots your guest will visit.  This is a must, but so are the other things below.

  • Dust the obvious surfaces (save the highest, unseen spots for your deep cleaning days),
  • Vacuum and get rid of any pet hair on the furniture
  • Hide your clutter. There shouldn’t be any piles of paperwork in either of these areas of your home. Confine it to the office (if you don’t have time to sort, shred, and recycle) where at least it will make sense.
  • Toss any shoes, coats or handbags in the closet or laundry room.
  • Fluff the pillows and fold and throw blankets you may have out.
  • A light spray of Febreeze over your furniture can also freshen the room if needed. This is especially handy if you have pets.


Sweep and dust anything in this area. You don’t need to spend a lot of time on it, just give it a quick once over and make sure everything is neat and in order.


Have the kids do a quick pick up each night and take all of their belongings out of the space before they leave the room. This will help cut down on additional clutter and items that don’t belong in this space.


This is a big place for guests to occupy while in your home.  Many people find that hanging out in the kitchen while you cook is a great way to relax and visit.  If this is the case, then you definitely want to speed clean this area with some of the tips below.

  • Wipe down countertops, the stove, the sink, the outside of the fridge and cabinet faces with disinfectant wipes. Both traditional and eco-friendly brands make these wipes. They’re so convenient to use, there’s no reason not to have a clean kitchen!
  • Shine up the faucet with glass cleaner and make sure to wipe out the sink.  Wash dishes if there are any, or at least load the dishwasher so they are out of sight.
  • Polish up the dining room table.
  • Take out the trash.
  • If you have a pantry or cabinets with space, remove unused kitchen appliances from the countertops. The less clutter, the better.
  • Put out fresh towels and a clean washcloth or sponge at the sink.


Place a cleaning caddy under the sink that you can easily grab and start cleaning the kitchen. Keep only the cleaning products you need to clean the kitchen in this bin. Not only will this help you speed clean the kitchen faster, it will also help you to know when you about to run out of your favorite cleaning supplies.


This is one area of the speed clean list that is for you and nobody else.  Having a tidy bedroom goes a long way toward making you easily relax at bedtime.  It also makes you feel like you really accomplished something on a busy day.

  • Make your bed! The fastest way to make a bedroom look put-together is to buy a matching bedding set, complete with a dust ruffle (perfect for hiding under-the-bed storage containers).
  • Dust, vacuum, hide any baskets of unfolded laundry (clean or dirty) and hide any extra clutter until you have more time to sort, organize and donate it. No one’s going to be looking in your closets. Remember, the less you have, the less you’ll find yourself in this predicament! Surfaces that are free of junk and knick-knacks are not only easier to clean, but more visually appealing.


One of the biggest speed cleaning tips I have is to make your bed as soon as you wake up each morning. When you do this, it forces you to not want to climb back in for a cat nap so you can get your day going. 


As with the kitchen, the bathroom is going to be frequently visited if you have guests.  If you are speed cleaning for yourself, you probably already know how nice it is to have a fresh bathroom.

  • Use disinfectant wipes on everything.  Light switches, door handles, countertops, towel racks, and any surface you see.
  • Use glass cleaner to shine up the faucets and glass.
  • Clean your toilet.  The one area you really can’t “speed clean” is your toilet. You need to clean that baby inside and out, but if you purchase tablets for your tank to clean the interior with every flush, you can skip the bowl.
  • If you don’t have time to clean the tub/shower, make sure to close the curtain, and make sure the curtain in clean.
  • Take out the trash.
  • Hide excess products underneath the counter.
  • Sweep and use a Swiffer or dust mop to get up any spots on the floor.
  • Add a diffuser with essential oils to the counter to freshen things up a bit.


If you have a cleaning caddy for the kitchen, you also need one for the bathrooms. Each bathroom should have their own separate bin that houses all the cleaning products you need to get them clean and sanitized. In our bathrooms, I like to keep disinfecting wipes versus sprays so I can easily grab a wipe when I am going through each room daily to do a quick speed clean/pick up. The disinfecting wipes are great to wipe down counters, cabinets, toilet seats or the random spot on the floor between mopping. 

Enlist the Help of Your Family

Cleaning the house is not something you have to do alone. It can (and should be) something you do with your family. As a mom, we try to do it all by ourselves because we feel we can handle it all. The truth is, we can’t handle all of it. We need help and besides that, we didn’t make the mess by ourselves so we shouldn’t have to clean it up by ourselves. Getting your family (especially kids) involved teaches them to be responsible and how to manage their time.


Make chore sticks or display a chore chart in a public place that lets your family know what they are responsible for that particular week. Give gentle reminders that they have chores to complete in an allotted time (based on the chore they are to complete). 

Is your home ready for guests? No! You need these <a href=

The more often you speed clean your home, the easier it will be to deep clean when the time comes, and the more time you’ll have to spend doing things you really want to do!  These tips are perfect for helping you get through the grunge to make your home smell and look amazing!
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More Speed Cleaning Tips

Make sure you have all you need in one place for your cleaning tasks. One way to make sure you don’t spend time going from room to room looking for your tools and cleaners is to put them in a bucket or other carry-all that you can take with you. So much time is wasted by doing this and it can really slow you down, especially if you have to look for it. Make a checklist if you need to before you begin.

Check out these 2 cleaning caddy ideas.

Speaking of checklists, make one. This way, you can keep yourself on task and feel a sense of accomplishment as you check things off your list. You can also help yourself think realistically about what you can get done in the time you have. Focus on areas that are often neglected such as under sinks, medicine cabinets or pantries if you are really pressed for time.

Get a free room by room cleaning checklist here.

One way to ensure you will be able to clean as fast as possible is to wear the proper attire. It doesn’t have to be fashionable, but your clothing should allow you to move, bend, and get dirty. Don’t wear clothing that will require you to adjust throughout the day. You will not only get frustrated, but you will waste time.

Work smarter, not harder. This means not creating messes as you go. In other words, for dusting and organizing, work from top to bottom so you don’t have to go back over areas in the process.

Pick up clutter before you start to clean. This will make it easy for you to quickly get around and not have to stop to pick up a mess in your way. If this is a daunting task for you, place laundry baskets in the main room (like a living room) that you will toss various things into that belong somewhere else. When the deep cleaning is done, you can simply put things away room by room by taking the appropriate basket to that area of your home without having to take extra time to sort.

Declutter your home with these tips.

Combine chores. For instance, it will help you kill two birds with one storm if you clean your floors on your hands and knees. This may seem like it is harder to do than just use a mop, but while you are down on your floor, you will see all sorts of places that need cleaning and you can get your baseboards at the same time.

If you really don’t have a whole day or weekend to do some deep cleaning this Spring, try to do one thing each day. This way, you can actually get it done in the time you do have without worrying you won’t be able to devote enough energy to the project.

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Is your home ready for guests? No! You need these speed cleaning tips in your life! In minutes, you can speed clean your house and be guest-ready anytime!

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