Back to School Printable Shopping List

With back to school on the minds of parents across the nation, now is the time to start preparing our back to school supply shopping lists so we can beat the rush of parents picking up their student’s school supplies.

This back to school printable will help you get organized before hitting the stores and beginning your back to school shopping.

About a month before school starts, I make sure to look at my boy’s school website and print out their school supply list.

Since the format of their school supply lists are less than easy to read when I head out to the store, I print out the Back to School Printable Shopping List at the bottom and write their school supplies in a format that works better for me.

It makes it easier to read, check off the list and I can also budget how much we are spending on the essentials for back to school shopping.

After placing all of their supplies on my back to school printable shopping list, I can easily read the list and get in and out of the store without forgetting to pick up what they need to start the year off with success!

After getting all the back to school supplies, don’t forget about the back to school clothes. Every kid needs to have at least one new outfit to wear to school on the first day. If you need help with creating a list of items to buy, you can use the back to school printable clothing shopping list below to help you on your way.

This clothing list helps me more than I ever imagined it would. Plus, it’s great for setting the back to school budget we so desperately have to live by on a yearly basis!

Share these back to school printable shopping lists with your friends or pin it to Pinterest so you have access to it every single year!

Back to School Printables

Get the back to school printable shopping list here.

Get the back to school clothing shopping list here.

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