Secret Cleaning Tips {unique ideas we all need to know}

Most people who spend any amount of time cleaning up a home on a regular basis have their own secret cleaning tips. You know, those ones that you tried, whether by accident or on purpose, that you feel so clever for discovering and every time you pull it from your bag of tricks, you smile inside.

Let’s let the cat out of the bag! Here are 11 Secret Cleaning Tips for cleaning around the home that won’t be secrets for long.

Most people who spend any amount of time cleaning up a home on a regular basis have their own secret cleaning tips. Here are 11 of my own cleaning tips!

Secret Cleaning Tips

  1. Cutting boards, especially those of a wood or bamboo kind, can easily get stains and odors that are nearly impossible to remove. Try combining equal parts salt and baking soda directly on the board and then using a half of a lemon to scrub the abrasive cleaner into your board. Rinse with cool water.
  2. Don’t go throwing out that dingy glass with a film you just can’t get off just yet. While vinegar is an amazing cleaning tool, it is even better when used hot. Place these items in some hot vinegar and let them soak for about 15 minutes then rinse clean. Try this homemade window cleaner recipe
  3. Do you have pets that mark and you think you have tried everything to get the stains and odor out, yet they continue to mark? Try using a syringe (bought at the pharmacy or medical supply store) filled with warm vinegar and shoot it straight into the area all the way down to the carpet pad. The vinegar will lift the odors and stains and make them clean all the way down to prevent future occurrences.
  4. If you have tried everything from a magic eraser to soap to clean crayon off your walls, try this: use WD-40 and spray it directly on the stains and scrub away.
  5. Your toothpaste may be for getting your teeth clean, but did you know it also works wonders on piano keys? Just use an old toothbrush to scrub it down and wipe with a damp cloth. Your keys should sparkle like new!
  6. Fabric softener sheets are amazing tools to have in your cleaning arsenal. Did you know that putting on in a pot that has stuck on food with a bit of warm water and allowing to soak can save you time spent scrubbing later as well as cut your soaking time in half? It’s true! Just leave in the pan for about an hour and the grime will practically come right off with a sponge.
  7. Old pillowcases are amazing for all sorts of cleaning tasks. Just slip your laundry or a favorite stuffed animal inside before you wash them and they will be protected.
  8. Clean ceilings with ease but putting a rag on a Swiffer style sweeper hat has cleaning solution on it. No need to stand on a ladder to reach this area anymore.
  9. Don’t waste money on paper towels for cleaning windows and mirrors. Instead, use coffee filters. No mess, no streaks and no lint. Plus, a pack of coffee filters is a lot cheaper.
  10. For your toilet, use a denture cleaning tablet. The effervescence of the tablet will clean away those rings and stains as well as leaving your toilet smelling clean and fresh. Just drop a tablet in, allow to fizz for a few moments and clean as you normally would. Read more about this Easy Toilet Cleaner here
  11. Dryer sheets pull another duty when you use them to dust with. This is especially helpful on things such as TV’s and your blinds. They will not only remove dust but keep it from coming back as fast as well because of the anti-cling properties in them.

I love trying new tips, so share your secret cleaning tips and I’ll put them to the test!

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