7DaySwitchUp: Switch Up Your Cooking Routine with Viva® Vantage®

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Viva® Vantage®. All opinions are 100% my own.

For years, my cooking routine has been pretty much the same story just on a different day. Do this, do that. Plan this, plan that. Cook this, cook that. You know the story, right? A little over a week ago, I took on a “challenge” of sorts to switch it up for 7 days to see how I could change my cooking routine to make life easier with Viva® Vantage®. I know you are probably thinking, how can Viva® Vantage® help me switch up my cooking routine. There is actually a lot of different ways one paper towel brand can help with that.

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I have my favorite “switch up” cooking tips and ideas below (you don’t want to miss them), but before we go any further I have to share how I switched it up a bit when I hosted a party for Viva® Vantage®. First of all, the party was a success and I was able to switch things up in my planning process as well cooking routine while I was making sure everything was perfect for the party. Thank you to everyone who was able to attend!

Viva Vantage Home Party

Prior to and during hosting this party, I kicked off my own 7-Day Switch-Up with Viva® Vantage® and quickly realized how much extra work I was putting into my cooking routine every day. I was astonished how flexible and “stretchy” Viva® Vantage® Paper Towels are and also how versatile one little paper towel could be. Between washing dishes (yes, they stood up to the challenge) to prepping fruits, vegetables and even dicing up bread, Viva® Vantage® took the guess work out of planning the perfect “shabby country chic” party at home. Check out the décor!

Viva Vantage Party

Wasn’t the party decor gorgeous? Would you believe me if I told you it took me all of 1 1/2 hours to set everything up (including the clean up from setup) and only 3 hours of planning? Clean up after the party was a breeze too!

Don’t believe me…check out these tips to switch up your cooking routine and see how much time you can save!

Switch Up Your Cooking Routine With These Tips

Viva StrainerStrainer: Ditch the bulky colander in favor of a paper towel. Place veggies and fruit on a sheet of Viva® Vantage® paper towels under a running faucet to function as a strainer; the stretchy-strength will keep the towel intact when we.

We were able to wash and strain 9 strawberries before we saw the slightest bit of strain on our Viva® Vantage® test during the party. That’s great stretchy-strength if you ask me!

Viva Cutting BoardCutting Boards: Slip a damp paper towel under your cutting board to prevent it from shifting while slicing and dicing.

Viva GlassesGlasses & Stemware: Hand wash and dry wine glasses and other stemware using the cloth-like texture of Viva® Vantage® paper towels for a sparkling finish.

Viva TowelsAppliances & Kitchen Counters: Need to get that grime off your stove? The great scrubbing power of Viva® Vantage® paper towels allows you to clean the toughest messes and restore your kitchen’s shine. Plus, the lint-free finish doesn’t leave behind any residue or streaks!

Viva NapkinsNapkins: Spruce up your own party with these beautiful napkins made with Viva® Vantage® paper towels. They are so simple and easy to make too!

Cut a piece of twine to approximately 6 inches. Remove the flower from your favorite artificial flowers and hot glue it to the twine. Roll the Viva® Vantage® paper towels and tie the twine on the backside.

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Experience your own 7DaySwitchUp starting today! Learn more and print a $1 off coupon at Viva Towels.com.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Viva® Vantage®. All opinions are 100% my own.

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