Perfectly Organized Homework Space for Kids

Making sure your child has a space to study and do homework in is very important. Think about it: could you do your work in a crowded, messy or chaotic environment? Here are some tips for creating a great organized homework space for your kids to get their work done.

Set up a Perfectly Organized Homework Space for Kids and start the year off right!

Perfectly Organized Homework Space for Kids

Dedicated Space

Dedicate a space that is in the least distracting place as possible in your home, but still close enough that they can ask questions if they need to and you can keep an eye on them to not only make sure they are staying on task, but also to watch for signs they may be getting frustrated.  This is often in a child’s room, but keeping it out of their room is best since there are some many distractions.

Keep Plenty of Supplies

Make sure there are plenty of supplies on hand. When buying school supplies, buy a couple extra for this homework space. This way, when your child forgets something they need for their homework at school, you will be their with a backup.

Personalization is encouraged!

Allow the kids to personalize the homework space. This is a great place to hang artwork of theirs! You could even ask them to redecorate every year as a fun back to school activity to get them excited about returning to school!

Make sure the space is peaceful

Make the space a place that is peaceful by keeping it away from the TV. If your student finds that they do better with music, try to play something that isn’t fast, loud or has too many words. This can create quite a distraction and make it hard to concentrate on the task at hand.

Display a calendar

Make sure the homework space has a calendar in it. This will help older children plan for a be ready to turn in homework projects that might be due a week from when they are assigned. Your child can write their own little reminders on the calendar and you can check them off as they do them and gently remind them that a deadline is approaching.

Baskets & Drawers for everyone!

If the space will be used by more than one child, use baskets or drawers for each child. Make sure to label them so they know which one is theirs. This will keep the blame down for other children losing their sibling’s supplies or homework projects.

Make the space portable (if need be)

If you don’t have the space for a dedicated homework spot, consider doing a portable one. Get the supplies your child generally uses, place them in a decorated box and pull it out whenever you need it.

Invest for success

Invest in some real office organization tools. A tiered filing system will be great for organizing things such as notes sent home to parents (the “in box”) and graded and returned homework/tests (the “out” box). This way, your kids can have fun with the grown-up accessories and you will always know when to look for something in the box and not miss another school note home.

Label everything!

Make sure to label everything! With labels, kids know where things go and there is no excuse for clutter. Also, be sure to provide a small wastebasket for the area. this will cut down on scattered papers.

Where is your child’s homework area in your home? Do you plan on changing it up any for the upcoming school year?

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  1. Hank McKinsey says:

    At our home, we like to keep a file folder right by the front door so when the kids get home from school they can put any paperwork addressed to parents right in there and we’ll be sure to pick it up at night. We place the completed form back in the folder and then our children will remember to take it the next day. Great post Christine – thanks for sharing!

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