Organizing Tips for Your Family Vacation

Going on a family vacation is so much fun! Planning and organizing the vacation…not so much fun. I don’t know about you but getting everything planned is a little stressful. Planning a vacation should be a fun time and not something you let yourself get overly stressed out about.

organizing tips for vacation

Organizing Tips for Your Family Vacation

Create a Travel Binder

I know that most reservations are now made via internet and that is wonderful! Believe me I like planning my vacation online as much as the next person. The problem with this is all of my receipts and travel itinerary are emailed to me. I don’t want to go digging through my email to find travel info.

Print out all of your travel information and store it in a binder. You can create tabs for hotel info, flight info, places to see, places to eat and anything else you want. This binder will be your reference guide and a very helpful one!

Make a List

Weeks before you leave on vacation start making a travel list. Make a list for everyone in your family! Start jotting down things you need to bring for each person. Starting the list weeks in advance will give you plenty of time to look it over and add to the list if you forgot something.

Plan Entertainment

Whether you are flying, driving or taking a train there will be times when the kids get bored. Have a game plan for this before boredom even sets in. Place activities the kids can do while traveling. You can create music playlists, movies to watch, card games to play, color books or anything else that your family likes to enjoy.

Organize Your Budget

You have this amazing family vacation planned but have you thought about the expenses? Maybe you have your flight and hotel booked but have you thought about food, souvenirs and any extras your family might want to take part in? You don’t want to come home from a vacation in debt, so start thinking about the budget now.

Think about how much you want to allow per day for souvenirs or other entertainment. You will also want to look into the cost of food at your vacation location. Knowing and planning in advance will keep the vacation fun and stress free.

Have a Schedule

You probably don’t want to have every minute of your vacation scheduled. However, there is nothing wrong with having a general idea of activities your family wants to partake in. Make a list of things your family wants to do while on vacation and try to fit them in on certain days. This will give you a little piece of mind knowing that you are trying to hit the things everyone wants to do while on vacation.

Are you ready for a vacation?  I know I am!

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