How to Organize Your Life for Less Stress

Today, I am going to help you get a jump-start on the new year by helping you learn How To Organize Your Life. I am not going to pretend to know it all, but I do have a few tricks up my sleeve, and I hope to help you get a leg up on things. So, let’s get started getting more organized!

How to organize your life is easier than you think! Check out these great tips to start today on your journey to a newly organized life making things easy!
Wouldn’t it be awesome if our lives organized themselves? Well, they don’t, so it’s important to spend some time figuring out how to organize your life. If you find yourself at a loss, I have some great tips to get you started. Not only will these tips help you begin with how to organize your life, but they will also help you to get a new focus on where you want to be.

How To Organize Your Life For Less Stress

Create a family calendar that is synced among all family members. Stress often comes from missed appointments, rushing to meet people or feeling like you are just too busy to manage everything on your plate. A family calendar can be created in Google or other great online apps that can be synced on your computer, phone or tablet. You can easily share Google calendars with anyone via email so your spouse and kids can also have access to what is going on. You can even allow them to view but not edit, so nothing gets deleted, or you can give them editing permission so they can quickly add events to the calendar, so you don’t double book on a busy day. If not everyone has the ability to sync to a device, you can also use an old fashioned calendar or my favorite, a dry erase calendar.

Learn to say no to activities that don’t benefit you or that you don’t enjoy. It’s hard to say no sometimes, but it really is important to organize your life. Sometimes you are invited out for lunch but just really don’t have time. Maybe it’s taking on a volunteer position at your kids school that is going to take a lot of time from your work and family. Whatever it may be, it’s beneficial for you to learn to say no and not feel guilty. Do only the things that you really enjoy or that benefit you and your family. While volunteering and helping out is always a great thing, you still need to put yourself and your family first.

Get your family involved in daily chores. One of a mom’s biggest stresses is often in everyday chores and housework. While we have tons of great tips for organization on our site, we also have to recommend above all that everyone in your home participates. Just because you are the mom or even a stay at home mom, doesn’t mean you should be responsible for every mess in the house. Kids and your spouse should help out as well on a regular basis. Create a great kids chore chart and assign simple daily tasks like cleaning their bedrooms, doing their own laundry, setting the table, dishes or handling pet care. We have even given you tips on household chores your teens should be doing as well as ways to organize your chores list.

Create weekly or monthly meal plans. Take the stress out of meal time by creating weekly or monthly meal plans. When you know what you plan to cook, it makes it much easier to manage. It also helps to not only organize your life but give you a great start toward improving your budget. Menu plans create a way for you to plan ahead, save time and give your family great meals. We even have a great Busy Mom’s Guide To Meal Planning eBook you can grab to help get you started.

Get rid of junk. No one’s life will be organized if there is junk sitting around. Take some time each week to get rid of the junk in your house. Those junk drawers need to be cleaned out. The closets need the junk removed. I think you get the idea. Leave no junk behind.

I like grabbing a laundry basket one day a week and walking room to room to collect any items that don’t belong. I can then either put them where they need to go, throw them away, or sort them out to donate as needed. This method really makes a big difference.

Clean out items frequently When I say clean out items regularly, I mean to do it often. Too many times we let “cleaning” opportunities pass us by, and things just build up. This includes areas like your vehicle, take a chance to clean things out, and watch how much more organized you become.

A weekly chore chart helps me keep on task, and I have even shared my chore list for teens. This along with my tips for how to organize your chore list really makes it easy to stay on top of essential daily cleaning lists. This will keep your home tidy all the time, which will help when you are struggling with how to organize your life.

Write things down. I am so guilty of saying that I will remember something and then I forget it. It’s more than wise to write things down, so you don’t forget. If you’re not a fan of writing things down, then make a note of it on your smartphone. I love using Google Calendar since I can sync it across all of our family devices as needed.

Other options are to grab dry erase calendar or chalkboard calendars and keeping them on the refrigerator door or a central location in the house so everyone can keep up with them.

Back up your documents. How many hours do you spend searching for important documents? A quick hint to make sure your life stays organized is to back up those documents. Open up an account with Dropbox and start storing your files in the clouds. Of course, you don’t want to just keep them in DropBox, put a file on your desktop and keep some files there. You’ll want to make it as secure as possible, though.

Always Put Items Back.All humans have the bad habit of getting things out and leaving them there. If you make a conscious effort to put things back where they go, you’ll have a much more organized life.

How to organize your life is easier than you think! Check out these great tips to start today on your journey to a newly organized life making things easy!

No matter what your reason, knowing how to organize your life is a must for any mom, dad, or family. These tips are ideal for keeping your life, home, and paperwork in order. Every mom needs a secret in their back pocket, and these are mine!

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