Household Chore Ideas For Teens To Help Around The Home

As your kids grow up you want them to become responsible, and these household chores your teens should be doing will help you to make that happen. Responsibility comes from taking care of themselves, their belongings and being held accountable. As your teenagers grow up, they should be taught basic life skills, as well as how to be responsible for their belongings. This list of basic chores is a great place to begin.

Household Chores like these Your Teens Should Be Doing will keep the kids busy during summer break, and help you stay on top of household organization!"

Household Chores Your Teens Should Be Doing

Their own laundry. There is absolutely no reason why your teenager shouldn’t be doing their own laundry. While physical disabilities may be an issue, the average teenager can easily sort, wash, dry, fold and put away their own laundry. If they invest in sorting baskets, it makes it much easier and faster for them to accomplish in just a short amount of time.

Cleaning their bathroom. Teenagers are more than capable of cleaning their own bathroom. This includes wiping down counters, cleaning showers, cleaning toilets, emptying trash, cleaning mirrors and even scrubbing tile as needed. A once a week quick wipe down can keep them from having to spend hours scrubbing their bathroom when it gets too dirty.

Cooking meals for the family. Your teenager needs to learn basic cooking skills. Even as a young teenager they can help with basic meal preparation. Invest in some cookbooks or write down simple recipes for them to follow. Spend a few hours helping them learn about knife skills and basic food safety, and then let them loose to cook their favorite meals for your family.

If you think your kids won’t enjoy cooking, check out these great cookbooks for them to start with.  These are almost always a great way to get kids excited about being in the kitchen!

Caring for their pets. Basic care for their pets is a necessity. From feeding and watering them, to cleaning litter pans, taking them for walks or even giving them baths this is a must for your teens. Older teenagers may even be in charge of taking pets to the vet for routine visits.

Keeping their room orderly and clean. Basic tidying as well as vacuuming, dusting and putting away their belongings is a must for any teen. This is one of the household chores your teens should be doing with no questions or pushing on your part.

Lawn care. Mowing, weeding the garden, helping with landscaping or setting the sprinklers for watering the lawn are all things your teens can help do. This will help them learn basic skills and responsibility. For some teens, this quickly becomes a fun part-time summer job.

Basic car maintenance. Even if your teenager doesn’t have a car of their own, they need to learn basic car maintenance. How to check the oil, pump gas, change a flat tire and similar are much needed. These are things they need to learn for themselves in the future as well as helping you right now.

These household chores your teens should be doing are easy to add to their daily task list. Not only will they prepare them for the future, they will help them to learn responsibility along the way. Get your kids involved with the regular daily tasks around your home so that they will be prepared for their life as an adult on their own.

Household Chores like these Your Teens Should Be Doing will keep the kids busy during summer break, and help you stay on top of household organization!"

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