Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

While the mad rush to get the best deals is often focused on Black Friday, did you know that there is an alternative to the in-person shopping craziness? The last few years, “Cyber Monday” has been the spot for those of us who like to shop in our PJs sipping on hot cocoa or pumpkin lattes. Cyber Monday falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving and it’s really starting to heat up.

Save time and money by getting the best holiday deals online this Cyber Monday! Check out these Cyber Monday shopping tips and enjoy the holiday savings!

Tips for Shopping on Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Sign up in advance of the big day to get alerts via email. If you have some favorite stores, make sure you sign up for their emails well in advance of Cyber Monday. This will mean you will be possibly notified of pre-sale deals and when certain items go on sale. Make sure to also sign up to receive alerts from big shopping online destinations like Amazon as well.

Check the shipping costs. Most stores offer free shipping ion some form on Cyber Monday, but if you don’t see it, skip that site and check out a similar one. There are way too many stores doing it to ever consider paying for it. Speaking of shipping, sign up for Amazon Prime right before Cyber Monday if you haven’t. You will get to enjoy free 2-day shipping on all of your Amazon purchases that qualify on Cyber Monday as well as for the rest of the holiday shopping season.

Check the “little guys”. If you have ever wanted to shop on a boutique site or an Etsy store and think the prices are just not in your range ever, Cyber Monday is the day to check them out. Many local and boutique stores online and on Etsy offer a great Cyber Monday sale that you won’t see any other time of the year.

Make a budget just like you would for Black Friday. It is very easy to overspend when shopping online so it is vital you create a budget not only for the overall shopping day but also for individual specific items you are hoping to snag. This will help you keep your spending in check.

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Compare prices. If something is on several sites, make sure to compare prices. One of the advantages of Cyber Monday shopping is you can check out several store’s prices all at once and find the best deal to suit your price range very effectively.

Don’t do all of your Cyber Monday shopping at one time. Make sure to come back throughout the day and see what is on sale on your favorite sites. Cyber Monday sales often go in time slots and what is on sale in the morning may be completely different from the afternoon. For this reason, check a couple of times during the day and when you see something you want, make sure to snag it or it could not be on sale when you come back or it may even be out of stock as well.


Get the most out of your holiday season budget and shop the best Cyber Monday deals on Amazon!

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