100 Christmas Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers For Teens

It’s time to start shopping, and here are 100 Christmas Gift Ideas for Teens Under $20.  These items are simply to grab and put back for your kids or kids friends this year.  Many of these items are in the $5-$10 range!  Perfect for adding to stockings, or helping your teen buy gifts for their friends.  Just because you are on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t manage super fun gifts that everyone on your list will love.

It's time to start shopping and these Gift Ideas for Teens Under $20 are perfect for every budget! Many are even in the $5-$10 range! Check out the list!

This list of Christmas gifts for teens under $20 is a great place to start your shopping.  Not only does it contain a ton of fun items under $20, but many are also between $5-$10.  This means you can add a lot to your teenage son or daughter’s stocking and fit well within your budget.  Start grabbing these items now to create fabulous gifts for your kids!

100 Christmas Gift Ideas & Stocking Stuffers for Teens Under $20

    1. Scarves
    2. Gloves
    3. Gift Cards
    4. Lip Gloss
    5. Nail Polish
    6. Jewelry Store Gift Card
    7. Movie Tickets
    8. Fingerless Gloves
    9. Unique Aprons
    10. Amazon Gift Card
    11. Hat
    12. Laptop Bag
    13. Tablet Case
    14. Journal
    15. Phone Case
    16. Wallets
    17. Posters
    18. Music Lesson
    19. Bluetooth Speaker
    20. iTunes Gift Card
    21. Favorite Bluray Movie
    22. USB Flash Drive
    23. Lanyards
    24. Video Games
    25. Stationary
    26. Candy
    27. Yeti Tumbler
    28. Nail Salon Voucher
    29. Hair Salon Gift Card
    30. Massage Gift Card
    31. Gym Membership (1-2 months)
    32. Workout Clothing
    33. Backpack or Tote Bag
    34. Concert Tickets (smaller local venues)
    35. Travel Mugs
    36. Art Supplies
    37. Fuzzy Socks
    38. Collectible Pens
    39. Gas Cards
    40. Throw Blankets
    41. Earbuds
    42. Bedding
    43. Makeup Brush Set
    44. Perfume
    45. Cologne
    46. Sunglasses
    47. Calendar/Planner
    48. Vinyl Wall Decor
    49. Collectors Coin Kit
    50. Locker Decorations
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  1. Picture Frames
  2. Key Ring
  3. Pajamas
  4. Jewelry Box
  5. Themed Notebook
  6. Personal Trainer Session
  7. Books
  8. Shoes
  9. Cookbooks for Teens (some love to cook)
  10. School supplies (to replace and/or help them in school)
  11. Bath Products
  12. Scented Lotion
  13. Lunchbox
  14. Coffee Cup
  15. Cooking Lessons
  16. Decorative Pillows
  17. Graphic Tees
  18. Makeup Bag
  19. Money Clip
  20. Electric Coin Counter
  21. Drivers Ed Class (check with your state to see if they offer parent taught options)
  22. Bank Account (teach your teen how to budget)
  23. Charms for Bracelet
  24. Sports Memorabilia
  25. Slipper
  26. Robe
  27. Watch
  28. Manicure Set
  29. Starbucks Gift Card
  30. Puzzles
  31. Magazine Subscription
  32. Board Games
  33. Fun Night Light
  34. Card Games
  35. Sports Equipment
  36. Selfie Stick
  37. Snuggie
  38. Snow Globes
  39. Fish Tank w/ fish
  40. Swiss Army Knife
  41. Jewelry Making Kit
  42. Carry-On/Small Luggage
  43. Travel Pillow
  44. Candles
  45. Custom Ornament
  46. Toolbox/Kit
  47. Car Wash Supplies
  48. Lip Balm
  49. Unique House/Car Key (they have some great designs at local stores)
  50. GameStop Gift Card

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Free printable with 100 of the best gift ideas & stocking stuffers for teens
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