The Best Christmas Shopping Tips to Get Done In One Day

If you’ve just realized that Christmas is quickly approaching, don’t panic! With these Christmas shopping tips, you can get your shopping done in one day, so you have time to spare and get the gifts wrapped this year. WHEW! Won’t that be awesome? :) . Not only will you get your Christmas shopping done in one day, but you will also be able to save money and keep your budget on track this holiday season.

If you just realized that Christmas is right around the corner, don’t panic! With these Christmas shopping tips, you can get your shopping done & still have time to wrap the gifts! Get the tips here and happy shopping!

The Best Christmas Shopping Tips to Get Done In One Day

Make a list

You have probably already thought about this, but did you also remember to check the list twice and write down the Christmas gifts you wish to buy each person? Having this list will help you know exactly what you’re going to purchase at each store. After you’ve made this Christmas list, arrange it by store. For example, if you know that Target is having a great sale on kid’s bikes, but they also have that coffeemaker your mother wants, list all that under a “Target Shopping List.” Creating a list that is store specific will help keep you focused while you’re shopping the stores.

Map our your shopping trip

Target is next to Best Buy, and just two miles down the road is a Bed, Bath, and Beyond, which is right next to your favorite coffee place. Map out your trip so you can know where you’re going without having to make loops all over town just to get to the stores you have listed. By mapping out your trip, you can also save on gas too!

Don’t forget the small things on your Christmas list

Stocking stuffers, ribbon, cards, and even strands of lights should all be on your shopping list, so you don’t have to go out and brave the cold, crowds, and stores anymore after this one trip. Don’t forget to list these by store, as well, and when in doubt on how much to get, always get extra. It’s easier than having to go back for more!

With these Christmas shopping tips, you can get it done one day and still have time to wrap the gifts while also keeping your holiday budget in mind!

Start your shopping day early

Yes, other people will also be starting early, so you won’t be beating crowds, but this will give you time to make a few extra trips should you need to. The later in the day you start your shopping, the more tempted you will be to give up and try it all again another day.

Christmas shop small town

Shopping small doesn’t mean you only have to buy from local businesses, although that is an excellent idea that can save you time and money. You should also consider shopping in smaller towns. If you live in a large city, but there is a small town just 30 minutes away, consider driving out there for a day trip. You may save more time in the long-run by not dealing with larger crowds. Just be sure to check that the smaller town has all the retail shops (or at least similar stores) to those you have on your list.

Share your favorite Christmas shopping tips with us and happy shopping this holiday season!

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  1. Sean Benton says:

    I need to buy so many things this Christmas that I started to panic. Now I have sorted out the list and I am all set to start. Thanks for all the tips. I really need them.

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