15 Vintage Christmas Decorations Ideas

I love taking modern supplies and creating fun Vintage Chrismas Decorations Ideas to put on our home each year. Decorating for the holidays is a ton of fun.

Adding vintage looks makes me feel like I am transporting my family back in time to another place.  With so many modern things taking our time, it’s nice to go back to a simpler time with our decorations at Christmas.

These are some of my favorite simple but vintage Christmas decorations ideas.

These Vintage Christmas Decorations are ideal for making your family festivities even more amazing this year! Check out our favorite vintage ideas to make!

15 Vintage Christmas Decorations Ideas

This list of easy vintage Christmas decorations is a great place to begin this year as you decide what to add to your holiday decorating list.

You can go back in time with some fun ideas that make your home look beautiful and bring a bit of the holiday spirit to your family.

  1. Reindeer Deco Mesh Christmas Wreath from Moms Confession
  2. DIY Vintage Christmas Sign from I Should Be Mopping The Floor
  3. Repurposed Barnwood Christmas Tree Box from My Creative Days
  4. DIY Pie Tin & Bottle Brush Centerpiece from Dagmar’s Home
  5. DIY Snowman Tree Skirt from Moms Confession
  6. Scented Cookie Cutter Christmas Candles from Premeditated Leftovers
  7. Snowman Tree Topper from Moms Confession
  8. Vintage MilkJug and Fresh Greens from The Painted Hinge
  9. Vintage Bleached Bottle Brush Trees from The Homespun Hydrangea
  10. Vintage Music Sheet Ornaments from It’s A Stamp Thing
  11. Simple Burlap Wreath from Moms Confession
  12. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar from Premediated Leftovers
  13. How To Make Ornaments Look Vintage from Finding Home Farms
  14. DIY Button Garland from One Thousand Oaks
  15. Vintage Scrabble Ornaments from Homeroad

This year, you can easily create a beautiful holiday theme throughout your home with some of these fun vintage Christmas decorations ideas.

From the fun wreath ideas to classic holiday tree skirts, and fun ornaments or centerpieces, our list has something for everyone.  Vintage ideas are a great way to bring classic holiday spirit back to your family festivities!

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