Summer Reading Activities and Ideas for Kids

For many families summer means a break, but does that mean a break from learning, as well? No! Doing so only hinders your child when school starts again, so take some time to keep your child engaged in learning, specifically reading. Use these summer reading activities and ideas for your kids this summer and keep reading alive!
Don't miss our Summer Reading Activities and Ideas For Kids! This is a great way to keep them busy, learning, and having fun all summer long!

Summer Reading Activities And Ideas For Kids

Read with your child daily. This will show them a great example of reading, makes it a family thing, and you can gauge just how well they are reading.

Read outdoors. Who says you have to stay inside to read? Fresh air and a book are always delightful, so get outside anytime and open up an adventure.  Grab one of these simple picnic baskets and load up with water, juice, fruit, and snacks to head out to a park for reading in the beautiful sunshine with a few snacks.

Turn off the TV for at least three hours a day. Tell your kids to pick up a book, a magazine, or even the newspaper- anything that will get them to reading!

Ask kids what they want to read. Your interests may not be their interests, and letting them choose what they want increases their likelihood of reading.

Discuss the books you read with your child. This will help you know if they are understanding the material, and it helps them to discuss words and concepts they may not quite grasp. The more they understand about what they’re reading, the more likely they are to stick with it.

Don’t limit yourself to books to teach reading skills. As you cook, tell your kids about what you’re doing and use new words so they begin to learn a larger vocabulary and enjoy words. When they read these words, they will be excited because they already know what it means.  You can even combine reading with your kids to help them.  Choose a popular series like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Olympians, or The Boxcar Children to read with them.

Visit the library. There are other kids there and things to do, as well as countless books to read. It’s an adventure for the whole family! Every time you go, each person should leave with at least two books.

Encourage your child to write letters. Each week, ask them to write at least one letter or postcard. This builds reading, writing, spelling, and penmanship in a time where many of these aren’t directly taught. Have them write a friend they are missing, or drop grandma a cute card in the mail.  You can even invest in some fun kids stationary sets to help encourage this!
Don't miss our Summer Reading Activities and Ideas For Kids! This is a great way to keep them busy, learning, and having fun all summer long!These summer reading activities and ideas are perfect for keeping your kids happy and learning throughout the summer.  Plus, they are great additions to your own routine since they help you bond with your children!

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  1. Ellen Rubin Delap says:

    So many awesome ideas! I love the idea of turning OFF tv for 3 hours! Give your kids the opportunity to move and expand their minds with these great ways to make reading a part of every day summer fun!

    1. Kristi Reddell says:

      Thanks Ellen!! I noticed my shortcomings last summer and vowed I wouldn’t do that again. The TV is off most of the day now and so is the game system…it’s awesome! Have a great summer!

  2. Silvia García says:

    I suggest along with your kid set a special spot in their room or the living room to have the reading time, My 5 years old loves when I set the sun shade tent inside the living room and read to him inside. Or improvise a tipie or a house! This will make it fun! After I read to him he can stay there by himself and see the books by hiself (when I am busy) or his big sisters can help too read for the little ones.

    Hope this help!

    1. Kristi Reddell says:

      Great idea Silvia! When my boys were younger, they loved building forts everywhere in the house! It was their secret hideaway….miss those days!

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