5 Things Your Kitchenaid Mixer Can Do

When it comes to kitchen gadgets, the Kitchenaid mixer is on everyone’s wish list. The Kitchenaid has many attachments and bonuses that make this tool do nearly everything in the kitchen but, the best part is how it saves you time. The Kitchenaid can do so many things that you find yourself needing less and less items in your kitchen to get everything done saving you time, money, and counter space.

Use your Kitchenaid Mixer to make your life easier!  These 5 Things Your Kitchenaid Mixer Can Do are the life hacks you need in your kitchen to save time!

5 Things Your Kitchenaid Mixer Can Do

First off, let’s talk about which Kitchenaid Mixer is the right choice for your home.  I personally prefer the Kitchenaid Mixer with the Artisan Tilt-Head.  It makes moving bowls and changing paddles or whisk attachments out much easier to manage.  However, there are other options like the Kitchenaid Mixer Professional Series that has the adjustable lever that lifts the bowl up and down for release.  Whichever option you choose, this is an investment in your kitchen that you won’t regret.

Shred meat

From fajitas, to pulled pork you can use the paddle attachment on low to shred any tender meat with the Kitchenaid saving time for when you need to feed the family or a large crowd. Place the paddle attachment onto the mixer and dump chunks of meat right from the slow cooker into the mixing bowl. This is a good time to add any extra seasonings or sauces you want.

This is perfect for our Pulled Pork with Cranberry Sauce recipe!

Homemade breads

From fresh baked bread to bagels, and pizza dough the dough hook on the Kitchenaid can do the hard work while saving you a big mess from flouring the surface. Even better you can mix, knead, and rise in the same bowl saving on washing dishes.

Mashed potatoes

Ever have to mash a whole bag of potatoes by hand for a big family dinner? If so you know why the Kitchenaid is so awesome for its ability to mash the whole bag while you sit and watch. You can add everything in and let it mix away into creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes.  Just make sure not to over blend, or they get a bit gummy.

Make your own fresh butter

While getting the kids to use energy up making homemade butter in a jar is fun, the Kitchenaid is great for getting fresh butter made fast without any kind of physical labor. Just pour in heavy whipping cream, turn it on and watch it mix, first you will get whipped cream, then it will solidify into the creamy butter. You will need to drain every bit of liquid from the butter as you can to make it last. Cheesecloth or a flour sack towel makes a great filter to squeeze the excess water out of the butter you make in your Kitchenaid seeing you can make a large batch at once.

Over the top desserts

If you have a habit of going simple with desert to save time and energy the Kitchenaid can help. With the Kitchenaid, you can get perfect whipped cream, meringue, and buttercream without all of the work whisking away to get that creamy, fluffy texture. Use that time to think up more fun treats.

You could make your own whipped cream for our favorite Best Ever Banana Pudding Recipe!

BONUS Accessories!

The Kitchenaid mixer has so many accessories you can add to do almost anything. With Kitchenaid attachments, you can make juice, roll fresh homemade pasta using the pasta attachment or fold your own ravioli stuffed with whatever your heart desires. Meats just got a whole lot easier to process yourself with meat grinding and sausage stuffing attachments that turn the Kitchenaid into the farmer or hunters ultimate kitchen tool. Not only can the Kitchenaid mix and knead your bread but with the mill attachment, you can mill fresh bulk grains saving you money at the store and giving you a fresher higher quality bread. The fruit and veggie strainer/grinder can replace your need for a food processor or blender.

We love bringing you great kitchen hacks – and these are ideal for using your Kitchenaid Mixer in your home to help make your life easier!

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