10 Trim Healthy Mama Diet Do’s & Don’ts

So, you want to be a Trim Healthy Mama? There are a lot of things you can do on Trim Healthy Mama, but there are also some things you shouldn’t do. If you’d like to be successful on the increasingly popular THM diet plan, listen to someone who has learned the hard way.  Below, I am showing you some great tips to help you succeed.

Trim Healthy Mama has taken us by storm! Check out our top 10 THM Diet Do's & Don'ts to make sure you make the most of this great healthy diet plan!

10 Trim Healthy Mama Diet Do’s & Don’ts

The recently popular diet is one that has become a huge phenomenon in dieting since it focuses not on crash dieting but nutrition. While you do give up some foods (mostly sugar and white flour), you are just learning how to eat when your body is truly hungry, and to feed it the right types of foods.

Things to invest in for success with Trim Healthy Mama 

I recommend investing in the books first, and you may want the protein powder and sugar substitute listed below.  Read through the books and check out their online groups before investing to make sure you get what is best for your specific needs.

Things to avoid for success with Trim Healthy Mama

Don’t give up- It’s so easy to want to give up after only a few days. My advice would be to keep going, even when you feel as though you want to give up.

Sugar is a no go- Don’t eat sugar, it truly is as plain and straightforward as that.

Don’t eat white stuff- A good reminder while doing the Trim Healthy Mama diet is to avoid white flour. This can be difficult to do, but it isn’t impossible.

Don’t avoid eating every 3 hours- Even if you’re not hungry, you should eat something at least every 3 hours, your body needs that fuel.  This is why planning ahead can be so handy. By prepping food in advance, you can have snacks and easy to prepare meals ready in minutes.

Don’t compare yourself to others- If there is one thing you should know about Trim Healthy Mama, it is that everyone’s journey is different. Comparing yourself to others will cause you to fail.

Don’t weigh yourself every day- I know, you naturally want to weigh yourself every day, but you really shouldn’t. The scale loves to lie. Your body is changing, even if you don’t see it.  Invest in a good scale to check once per week at most, but also look at non-scale victories like endurance, clothing fitting better, and even body fat percentage is lowering.

Don’t forget before pictures- Before you start on this new THM diet, make sure you take before pictures. You will want to see what you looked like before and after! Plus, it’s fun to show others what you looked like before and after losing weight.

Don’t get discouraged- If you are not losing weight like you thought you would, don’t get discouraged. The weight will fall over time.

Don’t make desserts right away- Once you give up sugar, give yourself a few days or even weeks before you make an on plan dessert. Sweets are going to taste a lot different now and you’ll need some time to adjust.

Don’t forget to measure- Yes, another “don’t” is don’t forget to measure your body. It’s amazing as to how many inches your body will lose over the course of your weight loss success.  Invest in a cloth measuring tape for accurate measurements.  Make sure to check your neck, arms, chest (across and under breasts), ribcage, waist, hips, thighs, and even calves.  Watch as all areas of your body start to shrink.

Being a Trim Healthy Mama is about food freedom. There really are not a lot of don’ts in this plan because you simply have so many options. I would encourage you to check out Trim Healthy Mama on Amazon, grab their book and cookbook and get started! It’s truly life changing.

Trim Healthy Mama has taken us by storm! Check out our top 10 THM Diet Do's & Don'ts to make sure you make the most of this great healthy diet plan!

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