Women Heart Attack Symptoms You Should Know

Heart health month is here, and it’s time for me to share these Women Heart Attack Symptoms you need to now.  While I don’t personally have heart health issues, I realize how important it is to be aware of my own body.  We, as women, often don’t take enough time to notice changes in our health.  Focusing on our spouse, children, and everything on our to-do list often takes precedence over our own health.

Women Heart Attack Symptoms You Should Know:  Check out our list of top heart attack symptoms in women and what you should know should these arise!

Women Heart Attack Symptoms You Should Know

Knowing women heart attack symptoms is a must not just for yourself, but also for anyone around you.  Being able to spot a heart attack can be a life saver.  I also recommend keeping some baby aspirin on hand in your purse and cabinet at all times.  Doctors have discovered that an aspirin, when taken at the onset of heart attack symptoms, can make a huge difference in slowing damages.

Note:  I am not a medical professional.  The symptoms and thoughts below are a compilation of things that are common knowledge.  Don’t hesitate to seek professional help at the onset of any unusual or new health symptoms.

Chest pain or increased discomfort in the upper quadrant.  The most common heart attack symptom is the well-known issue of chest pain.  This can be sharp stabbing pains, a dull ache, or a feeling of heaviness.  It can be tough to distinguish this from other symptoms, but when happening in combination with other symptoms, it can be the most classic heart attack symptom for women.

Upper stomach pain.Often women overlook stomach pain that they associated typically with ulcers or indigestion.  A heart attack can exhibit as pain that feels like burning or reflux.  When this is persistent and doesn’t ease with antacids, it can be a sign of heart issues.

Another sign of a heart attack for many is sudden unexplained nausea in combination with chest pain and other symptoms.

Arm, back, or neck pain.  Radiating pain down your arm(s), back, neck, or even up to your jaw can be another big women heart attack symptom.  We often overlook this kind of a pain since it is so common to strain muscles.  When noticed in combination with other symptoms, this can be a big indicator that something is wrong with your heart.

Being short of breath or lightheaded.  Having difficulty taking a deep breath, and feeling lightheaded or faint are both other symptoms to be watching for in women.  Not only can they be a sign of a heart attack actually happening, they are a symptom of underlying heart problems that may have been undiagnosed.  These are often symptoms you can see before the heart attack happens.

Breaking out in a cold sweat.  When feeling discomfort mentioned above, another major symptom is to break out in a cold sweat.  This clammy feeling or sweating without an explanation or accompanied by fever is often a sign of your body reacting to heart issues.

Unexplained exhaustion. This is by far, the most common of women heart attack symptoms out there.  Fatigue or exhaustion that won’t go away and has no other explanation is often a sign that your heart is weak and struggling to keep up.

Here are some great recommended books on heart disease prevention and recovery: 

While I mentioned before that this is not a comprehensive medical list, it is a great place to begin if you feel like you may be experiencing heart attack symptoms.  Knowing these signs can help you and other women to stay safe and healthier.  Never hesitate to call for help or seek professional medical assistance if you fear you or another is having a heart attack.
Women Heart Attack Symptoms You Should Know:  Check out our list of top heart attack symptoms in women and what you should know should these arise!

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