Unique Uses for Rubbing Alcohol

Do you have a lot of rubbing alcohol lying around your house? Maybe it’s time to put some of it to good use. Check out these unique uses for rubbing alcohol.

Do you have a lot of rubbing alcohol lying around the house? Maybe it’s time to put some of it to good use with these unique ways to use rubbing alcohol.

Unique Uses for Rubbing Alcohol In Your Home

Clean Electronics

Did you know you can clean your electronics with rubbing alcohol? Don’t put the rubbing alcohol directly on the electronic, instead put it on a cloth and then clean the electronic. Don’t use too much, just a dab is perfect.

Get Rid of Permanent Stains

Sometimes items like permanent markers get on your table and couch. You can use rubbing alcohol to remove these stains. It works like magic!

Get Rid of Grease

If you have a lot of grease building up, then consider using rubbing alcohol to help get rid of the grease. Just a little bad on a cloth can help you experience a grease free stove or grill.

Get Rid of Stickers 

Have you ever had a sticker “stick” itself to something and you couldn’t get rid of it? Well, rubbing alcohol makes an awesome sticker remover. Just add a little bit of elbow grease and you’ll be good to go.

Make Your Mirrors Shine 

I’ve used Windex in the past and my mirrors still were not clean. Adding a bit of rubbing alcohol can ensure your mirrors are extremely clean. Plus, the rubbing alcohol helps to keep this process stress free and extremely easy.

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Get Stains Out of Clothing 

If you have stains that you cannot seem to get out, then add a touch of rubbing alcohol and allow it to sit. You’ll be amazed at what rubbing alcohol can do to help keep your clothing stain free!

Rubbing alcohol is a very inexpensive “tool” you can pick up from your local store. It lasts forever, so you don’t need to worry about it going out of date. I always keep some in my cabinet for “just in case.”

What do you use rubbing alcohol for around your home?

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