Household Uses For Apples To Use In Your Everyday Life

Apple harvest season is here and you may have gotten a great deal on a huge amount of apples and need to use them up before they go bad. After all, there is only so much applesauce a person can eat.

Apples are a great tool to have in your household when it comes to cleaning, crafts and more. Try these unique and useful household uses for apples to help you in your life.

8 Household Uses for Apples

Apples are for more than eating in delicious fall recipes. Check out these eight creative household uses for apples you may be surprised to know!

Salty Food?

  • Got a little crazy with the salt in your sauce, stew or soup? Just throw a couple of slices of any apple in. Allow to simmer for a few moments and remove the apples. They will soak up the extra salt, and you can quickly remove it this way.

Need a “Mom Drink”?

  • Make flavored vodka. You can do this with many fruits, but apples give it a great fall taste for your favorite “hard” drinks. Just slice, peel and core out several apples. Place in a large mason jar with a lid. Pour a cheap vodka on top to cover and allow to sit for a couple of days.

Freshen the Home

  • Make a nice fall air freshener. Simple simmer in a pot the following items: apple slices, cloves, honey, orange peels, and cinnamon. You can also do this in a small crock-pot and get the same results. The smell is pleasant and inviting. This air freshener can be used a couple of times by just placing in your fridge and reheating.

For Your Furry Friends

  • Use apples to give your furry friends their medications. Horses and bunnies especially love them. Just slip a pill or other medication in a slice of apple and give it to them as a treat.

Baking Helper

  • Since the baking season is here, you may be digging in the back of your cupboard for that lost bag of brown sugar only to find it hard as a rock. An apple can soften it and make it crumbly again by placing a couple of slices of it in a sealed bag and leaving it overnight.

Get Crafty!

  • Do this craft with the kids!  Make bird feeders for the winter birds. Just take a half an apple, slather peanut button it on and sprinkle on seeds. Place in tree nooks and crannies or near a window so you can watch feathered friends enjoy your creation.

Ripen Tomatoes

  • If you still have some tomatoes that have not ripened yet from your late harvest, try placing a couple of them in a bag that seals with a very ripe (but not over-ripe) apple. They will turn red in a couple of days.

Keep the Doctor Away

  • Can an apple a day keep the doctor away? It’s true for asthmatics. There is a compound found in apples that help to reduce histamines that an asthmatic’s body has when they have an attack. Eating apples daily can help curb asthma, but don’t give up your inhaler!

Want to add a household tip?  Share your household uses for apples with us in the comments below.

More Uniques Uses for Household Items

Apples are a great tool to have in your household when it comes to cleaning, crafts and more. Try these household uses for apples to help you in your life.

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