Unique Uses for Witch Hazel

Have you ever found a bottle of witch hazel in your cabinets? Perhaps you wondered what it can be used for when it comes to your lifestyle. Well, there are several unique uses for witch hazel…you just have to find the right use for you.

Do you have a bottle of witch hazel at home and don't know what you can use it for? Here are 5 witch hazel uses to help you find a unique use for this natural product.

Unique Uses for Witch Hazel

Get rid of razor burn

If you’ve ever had razor burn after shaving and you cannot get rid of that burning sensation, add witch hazel to the burning spots. Soon enough you will see the burning sensation subside.

Cleaning your home

Did you know that witch hazel could be such a powerful tool to clean your home? You can mix it with plain water for a powerful cleaning tool, or you can also add lemon. This mixture makes a very powerful cleaning mixture for any part of your home.

Heal diaper rash

Using witch hazel on a baby’s bottom can help heal a rash. You can use a washcloth to apply it and watch it heal.

Stop the itch

If you’ve ever had the summertime itchy blues thanks to poison ivy, you can use witch hazel to get rid of the itch. The natural ingredients make it the best tool to remove that urge to scratch without drying your skin.

Get rid of dry skin

This is a unique use that surprises me every time. Getting rid of dry skin is easy and inexpensive. It can be applied to the body right after you get out of the shower. It’s supposed to lock in moisture.

In my opinion, using witch hazel around your home is a smart move. One of the most important reasons is that you are saving money and you’re also using a natural ingredient to clean your home and aid in the healing process of your ailments.

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