7 Mommy And Son Date Night Ideas

For parents of multiple children, those mommy and son date nights can be hard to manage.  The more kids you have, dividing your attention between all of them can get a little tricky. However, research has shown that children who get one-on-one attention with their parents are happier and healthier children. That’s why making time for each child is so important. Our family likes to have date nights where everyone gets that one-on-one attention and these tips are perfect for moms of boys!

Mommy And Son Date Night Ideas are great for building better communication with your child! Use our date night ideas for a great mommy and son outing!

7  Mommy And Son Date Night Ideas

1. Shopping Trip: I know most boys don’t really get into the whole shopping thing so much, but when they are little, it’s always fun to go shopping with mom for a special gift. My son especially likes to talk and sing songs in the car.  This is a perfect way to start the line of communication early.  If your kids have hobbies like rocketry, model cars, or remote control cars you can take them to a hobby store that will be extra fun.

2. Jumping Fun: Whether it’s a trampoline park or a bounce house, kids of all ages enjoy jumping around, flipping, and getting mom active. Get out there and have fun with your son. When it’s a date night, that means you jump too.

3. Movie Night: Take your son out to see a new movie they have wanted to see. Make the night a special one by buying popcorn, drinks, and candy to enjoy the move. Get there early so you can spend time talking before the movie.  The latest animated film or comic book film may be great for younger crowds, but your teen might prefer a more action packed film.  Let them pick, within safe reason, and tough it out even if it isn’t you favorite movie type.

4. Sports Game: In our house, we are big fans of football, but all families are different so scout out some baseball, basketball, or football tickets for a fun mother-son game night. Nothing could be more fun than mother and son team spirit. I’m a sports girl at heart, so this is a perfect mommy and son date for us.

5. Go Out for Ice cream: I scream you scream we all scream for ice cream! Everyone loves ice cream, and no matter how old your son gets, a date with mom to get ice cream is always a fun. Choose your favorite, sit down and talk or take a walk. We love going to places that have the marble slab for the fun mixed in treats.  I love getting ice cream and so do my boys.  It makes for a very fun mommy and son date night!

6. Enjoy a Game of Laser Tag: Boys will be boys and a fun game of laser tag is sure to bring out the mother-son rivalry. Taking your son out for a game of laser tag teaches him that girls can have fun too, and if you’re lucky that he will never beat mom. Trust me, this is one game that kids love!

7. Go out for Coffee: This may bite you in the butt later on if you have little ones, but involving your child in your world helps them feel more connected. There is just something special about being able to do grown-up activities with your parents that give kids a sense of security.  A cup of hot cocoa or tea is ideal for them while you enjoy your coffee.  Spend time talking, or just quietly reading if you both prefer.

Spending time with your kids is one of the most important things we can do as parents. It builds a bridge for communication, trust, and gives a sense of security. Mommy and son date nights don’t have to be all rough and tumble.  They can easily be fun outings that any mom can enjoy and not just have to grin and bear it through the muck and the mud.

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