20 Encouraging Words For Kids You Should Use Every Day

Sometimes you just need to find some encouraging words for kids to make your child’s life a bit better each day. Even though you tell them often how much you love them, they may need a bit more than just those few words. This list includes some amazing words that offer encouragement to any child.

Encouraging Words For Kids are vital to their emotional health! Check out our Top 20 Encouraging Words For Kids tto use every day to build them up!

20 Encouraging Words For Kids You Should Use Every Day

Do your kids ever seem discouraged? Do you see the sadness in their eyes? Perhaps you have seen them being bullied at school, or called names by other children? As their parent, it can be tough to protect them from the cruelty of others, but you can build a wonderful world of love at home that nurtures their spirit.

Each of these encouraging words for kids is perfect to use in regular conversation. Make sure your words are natural and showing them on a regular basis how much they are loved and wanted in your life. These words are meant to build their confidence and help them to feel stronger as individuals.

  1. Proud – I am proud you are my child.
  2. Important – You are more important to me than work, hobbies or friends.
  3. Valuable – Who you are is so valuable to this world!
  4. Priority – I want to make you my greatest priority today.
  5. Lovable – Your personality is so lovable and easy for everyone to appreciate.
  6. Worthy – You are worthy of love, respect, and appreciation.
  7. Acknowledge – I will acknowledge your thoughts and goals with an open mind.
  8. Respect – I respect your goals and who you are as an individual.
  9. Trust – I trust you to make the right choices.
  10. Unique – You are a beautiful and unique individual that make the world a better place.
  11. Wanted – You are so very much wanted and I am happy you are my child.
  12. Cherished – You are cherished by me every moment of every day.
  13. Deserving – You are deserving of the best things in life.
  14. Capable – You are capable of reaching any goal or desire you may have.
  15. Admire – I admire your beautiful heart and love for others.
  16. Powerful – You are so powerful when you set your mind toward a goal.
  17. Grateful – I am so grateful that I get to be your parent.
  18. Happy – You make this world a happy place to be.
  19. Precious – You are more precious to me than anything in the world.
  20. Yes – Yes, you may sit with me. Yes, I will read to you. Yes, I will listen to you read. Yes, I will spend time with you.

For some more tips and thoughts on how to build up your child and their self-esteem, check out some of our favorite parenting books listed below:

You can use these and other encouraging words for kids throughout your day to share with your child and build them up. When you make them see themselves as valuable and loved on a regular basis, other bad words said outside your home won’t hurt as much. When they are being shown great things about themselves by you, they will begin to believe them and no longer believe the bad things that others say.

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  1. Catherine @ Ten Thousand Hour Mama says:

    I love this list. What a wonderful reminder to lift up our children with words—and with many positive ones! I’ll be working these into my conversations with my girls

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