7 Steps To Declutter Bedroom Closets

Trying to have a more organized life also includes the dreaded task of how to declutter bedroom closets to make them more functional. Since most people visiting your home aren’t peaking into your closet, you may think this is one area you can skip on organizing, but as has been evidenced by many yard sales in the past this isn’t so. A disorganized closet can lead to buying clothing items you don’t need, or getting stuck in the rut of wearing the same thing over and over again. These tips are going to make it easy to declutter bedroom closets in no time.

Declutter Bedroom Closets with our great 7 step process! A bedroom transformation is easy when you begin with this simple formula to clean and organize!

7 Steps To Declutter Bedroom Closets

Purge clothing

Before you can declutter bedroom closets you really need to go through everything that is in them to purge clothing that you no longer need or wear. There is a standard rule that if you haven’t worn something in a year or more it should be purged. Remember to consider seasonal items can be in your closet a bit longer, but you want to choose to purge them if they weren’t worn the last season. Separate items that you want to donate, sell, or simply throw away as you go through your closet. What is left can be organized for wear.

Remove seasonal items

Instead of keeping all seasons in your closet, invest in some storage for off-season items so you have less clutter. Under bed storage, totes in your attic, or vacuum seal storage bags are all great ways to keep your seasonal items out of the closet and safely stored until needed. This makes picking out your clothes each day easier, and keeps the bedroom closet organized nicely. Don’t forget to also remove seasonal shoes while you are doing this to free up more room in the bottom of your closet or shoe rack.

Sort by style of clothing

Sorting your clothing out so like items are together is vital to keeping things organized in your closets. Putting like items together makes it easy to find what you want, and makes the closet look orderly visually. This helps you feel like you have managed to declutter bedroom closets to keep them that way long term.

Create a capsule wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is an excellent way to keep your closet organized. By eliminating the bulk of your clothing and getting down to core pieces that mix and match easily, you are able to eliminate that struggle of not having anything to wear. It also makes your close much more orderly.

Remove items that can be placed in drawers

Many items that don’t wrinkle easily should be folded rather than hanging in a closet. Sweaters and cardigans are a great option to remove from the closet and place in drawers or bins on shelves instead.

Add proper shelving

Depending on your wardrobe, there are tons of amazing options to declutter bedroom closets by providing the rate shelving options. If you have a wardrobe of mostly dresses and skirts, then shelves won’t be as handy for you as larger hanging spaces and closet rods. Check out all options available and install what suits your wardrobe needs best.  You can even use a closet doubler unit which adds a simple bar that is actually hanging from your original closet rod.

Rotate clothing as it is worn

One great addition to these tips to declutter bedroom closets is to rotate your clothing as you wear it. Turning hangers around one direction until an item has been worn is a great way to do this. Another is to move the recently worn item toward the back of the section. This helps you keep things in rotation, and will also ultimately keep your closet organized.

These tips for how to declutter bedroom closets can work for any closet. Kids and adults can benefit form having their clothing sorted and organized for easy access on a regular basis.

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