The Best DIY Hacks For Grilling This Summer

We have more amazing DIY Hacks to get your summer started!  Warming weather is on the way, and that means that it is time to warm up the tongs and dust off the grill. My family loves to grill out as soon as it begins to warm up and all through winter right up until it’s all frozen back over. Ribs, chicken, hot dogs- doesn’t matter, as long as it has that yummy grilled flavor we all love. I have gathered some of my favorite grilling tips and tricks for you to make your barbecue season even more delicious!

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The Best DIY Hacks For Grilling This Summer

  • One of my favorite easy DIY Hacks is to ball up a large piece of aluminum foil, submerge in water, sprinkle generously with baking soda, then use it to scrub the grates on your grill. You can repeat baking soda and water as necessary, and this will help loosen dirt and grime. It keeps harsh chemicals off your grill and is ideal for use if you are camping or away from home without your grill cleaning brushes.
  • Oil your grill grate with an onion!  Slice an onion in half and coat one side with vegetable oil.  You can then rub it into the grill grate to coat for an easy non-stick surface.
  • To keep your wooden skewers from burning when grilling soak them in water for 10 minutes first.
  • When grilling fish, don’t lay it right on the grate.  If you don’t have wooden grill planks, you can easily create a bed of lemon slices on the grate, then place fish on top. The flavor is literally baked right in!
  • Save space on the grill and keep from running back and forth inside by cooking your corn in a cooler. First, you make sure it is BPA-free.  Then cover your shucked corn cobs in your cooler with boiling water.  Close the lid and let them sit 30 minutes.  Open it up and serve with butter!  The corn is softened and delicious!  This is a favorite DIY Hack for when we go camping and have less space to cook!
  • Load your meat- steak, chicken, sausage, etc… with flavor before it ever sees the grill by marinating or putting on a great flavorful rub. Meat should be marinated for 2 hours minimum to get the best flavor.  I love this cookbook that is all about marinades for great ideas on new flavors to try!
  • One of my favorite DIY hacks for grilling vegetables is to spear them with skewers on both ends to keep them from falling through the grate.  This is perfect for small pieces of zucchini, asparagus, or other thinner vegetables!
  • Cook meat, like steak, at room temperature.  Instead of tossing cold steaks on the grill I let them come to room temperature first.  They are way more tender this way.
  • Turn your grill into a smoker by putting a handful or two of wood chips in aluminum foil, wrap it up, poke a few holes for the smoke to escape, and set right on the grill with the lid closed to infuse your food with a subtle smokey flavor.

This summer your grilling mastery will be the talk of all your friends and family when you use these great DIY hacks with your favorite grill!  No matter what you decide to throw onto the grill, you can create amazing mouthwatering food that everyone will enjoy with far less stress!

DIY Hacks like these are just what you need fo Grilling This Summer! They are ideal for making your weekend barbecue amazing for friends and family!

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