Easy Backyard BBQ Grilling Tips for Summer

My family loves a good backyard BBQ in the summer months!  Honestly, it’s the way I secretly get my husband to cook, plus it is a great way to have an easy dinner party with neighbors and friends. With having a big family, you can get so much more cooked at one time and without a lot of stress with the cleanup. Not only is grilling healthier for you, but it is a delicious way to switch up your recipes. We have some great backyard bbq tips that are going to make your summer parties so much easier!

Backyard BBQ Tips are needed in the hot summer months when grilling is a favorite choice for a weekend get together! Check our tips to make your backyard BBQ easier this year!

5 Easy Backyard BBQ Tips

We use a backyard BBQ as a great way to get our friends together for some fun food and drinks.  Whether you are using these tips for a gathering with friends, or just making it easier to prepare your own meals, they are sure to make your BBQ events much easier.

  • Use charcoal: Charcoal adds a smokier rich flavor that you just can’t get from a gas grill. Charcoal can be harder to get started, but with a little practice, you will be on your way to a savory feast.  Just remember that when you are using a charcoal grill, some will suggest the use of lighter fluid.  This can help, but too much leaves your food with a yucky chemical flavor.
  • Get the charcoal hot: Instead of slapping your meat or veggies right on the grill, let your charcoal burn a good 15-20 minutes. The hotter your charcoal gets, the easier it is to sear your meat and keep in that juicy flavor.  Plus it helps give you the great grill marks everyone loves.
  • Clean the grill hot: In order to keep the freshness and flavor every time you BBQ, clean your grill while it is still hot. It is easier to clean off debris, dirt and charred meat while the grill is still hot. Simply brush it off and let it cool.  A good grill brush can make a huge difference in how clean your grill gets.
  • Boil tough meat: If you have tougher meat or lower quality, try boiling or slow cooking your meat before placing it on the grill. This key step will help to tenderize your meat and add extra juices. This is especially a good idea for ribs.  I also do this before grilling chicken with the bone on since it will ensure the chicken is cooked through without burning.  Add seasonings to your water, or even boil in your barbecue sauce or marinade.
  • Add Seasoning: Marinate your meat at least 15-20 minutes before you put it on the grill. Add marinade, BBQ sauce, or seasoning while your meat is cooking. Add a thin layer to each side while it cooks. Then, when taking off the grill add another layer to your meat to cake on that savory seasoning.

These easy backyard BBQ tips will help you create a delicious, juicy meal that is sure to make your mouth water!  Don’t forget to check out our other grilling tips and recipes to make your next weekend gathering a hit!

Backyard BBQ Tips are needed in the hot summer months when grilling is a favorite choice for a weekend get together! Enjoy summer grilling season this year!

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