The Best Wedding Gift EVER

When my husband and I first got married, I had never seen a day in the kitchen.  Call me spoiled (which I already know I am), but I was never forced or even taught to cook anything except a scrambled egg.  My husband was used to eating a good ole military MRE (meal ready to eat), so he wasn’t much help either.   So, when I got married at 18 (16 years ago & a week out of high school) to my very own American Hero, someone had to learn how to cook meals really quick because meals in a box or bag were going to get old real quick in our house.

The best wedding gift ever for me was a journal with all my favorite family recipes. Not only does it mean a lot, but it's how I got it that matters most.

The Best Wedding Gift EVER

On our wedding day, my mom handed me the best wedding gift I could have ever received…a cookbook with all of my favorite recipes growing up!  Nice, right?  She purchased an inexpensive journal from the local dollar store and started jotting down some of my favorite recipes while I was growing up.  I only burned a few meals that first year, but at least we weren’t eating boxed or bag meals all the time!

It was by far the best present we could have received and the best part is that it can stay with us forever!  We can add to it over the years…which we have done already and we can also pass it down from generation to generation so my kids and grandkids, etc will know how awesome of a cook my mother was!  It definitely gave me a crash course in cooking, which I desperately needed and now we are eating high on the hog! :)

Some of the recipes include:

What is the best wedding gift you received?

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