The Best Garage Organization Tips and Ideas to Get Organized Now

It is so easy for your garage to end up being the catch-all area of the house! Think about it for a minute…what do you do? You go through the house and get it organized only to pile the items that need to go into the garage. Then everything is piled up high in the garage, unorganized and helter-skelter. You say you are going to donate it or sell it at a garage sale only to remember six months from now that you forgot to get rid of the clutter in the garage. Been there…done that! With these garage organization tips, you don’t have to worry about an unorganized garage again! Check out the tips below…

Garage a mess? Need help getting it together? Use these five garage organization tips to help you reach your goal and get it clean and organized today!

Keep in mind that the garage is an area of your home and there isn’t any reason it shouldn’t be just as organized as your kitchen, bathroom or living room! Here are the best garage organization tips to help you get it clean and organized today!

The Best Garage Organization Tips

Spring Clean Your Garage

Make it a point to give your garage a deep cleaning every year. Go through every single item and determine if you want to keep it or throw it away. If you haven’t used an item in years, there is no reason to keep it. Try to ensure you are keeping your garage as clutter free as possible.

Personally, I like to go through the entire house every six months and declutter. My pro tip for getting rid of the excess clutter…

“If you haven’t used the item in six months, you probably need to get rid of it (unless it’s a big ticket item that is only meant to be used sporadically). If the item is something you can repurchase easily and on the cheap, the next time you need it, get rid of it! If you really feel the need to hold onto something, make sure make sure you can easily find it when you do need it.”

Have a Workshop Area

You don’t need to have an expensive custom-made workshop to be organized. All you need is a designated area in your garage that will store any tools you or your significant other uses. This should be an area that stores nails, paint, screwdrivers, hammers, and other tools. Having a designated area in your garage to keep these items will allow you to quickly find what you need when you need it.

Pro Tip:

“Collect like items together and keep them together. You can collect the items together on a peg board or  specific types of tools in the drawers of your workshop.”

Use Plastic Bins

There are going to be things like Christmas items and old art projects from your children that you will want to store. Storing holiday items or family memories is perfectly fine, but do it in an organized fashion. You can purchase plastic bins to store everything in. Using plastic bins will allow you to clearly label what is inside the bin and help to keep dust and bugs out.

Pro Tip:

“Organize the plastic bins on shelves or overhead racks to keep them off the ground and utilize your vertical storage. This will allow for more walking space while keeping the garage organized.”

Keep the Garage Clean

Keeping the garage clean will help to keep it organized. Once a month go in the garage and pick up any visible garbage or sweep the floors. If you clean the garage once a month it should only take you a few minutes. Spending some time every month cleaning the garage will also make your yearly or semi-yearly deep cleaning a lot easier!

Pro Tip: 

“Keep the cleaning supplies for the garage in a location you can easily get to them every month to take care of the monthly garage cleaning.”

Have a Garage Sale

Once a year or once every six months, have a garage sale. Having a garage sale is a great way to earn a little extra money and get rid of items your family no longer needs. Try to sale anything you are no longer using! Any items that don’t sell during your garage sale take to your local second-hand store. Do not store the items for a future garage sale.

Pro Tip:

“If having a garage sale is not your thing, go on Facebook and find a local group that lets you sell the items online. While you may not be having a traditional garage sale that takes time to organize, you are still earning extra money and decluttering your home in the process. If there isn’t a local group in your area, create one…I’m sure there is someone else in your community that is looking to make a buck while decluttering.”

Share your garage organization tips with us in the comments below!

More Organization Tips

Garage a mess? Need help getting it together? Use these five garage organization tips to help you reach your goal and get it clean and organized today!

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