Football – A Way of Life in Our Small Town

Football is a way of life in our town. Katy is known for its tradition of football excellence, so much that our school has been named the number 1 football team in the nation as well as the state of Texas (with 8 state titles under the belt of our hard working high school students and coaching staff). This year our high school coach was also accepted to the Texas High School Hall of Fame as well as being named the number 1 football coach for the nation. Congrats Coach Joseph!

Katy is known for its tradition of football excellence, so much that our school has been named the #1 team in the nation as well as the state of Texas. It's a way of life...and it's our way of life in this small town!

Football – A Way of Life in Our Small Town

Growing up in Katy, it was always known that Katy High School football reigns King, but as a girl I never experienced the true tradition that my boys are experiencing. This year my oldest (15 yr old, freshman) became a part of the “tradition of excellence” that is known as Katy Football. He loved every minute of it and looks forward to off season, but his journey began much later than our youngest son…

We're ALL just a kid from somewhere...

Our youngest (12 yr old, 6th grader) has been getting his feet wet in football by playing with the local leagues in the area since 4th grade. After going through a “combine style draft” last summer, he was picked up by the best team in his league and they went all the way to the championship game undefeated.

We're ALL just a kid from somewhere.  For my boys...that's Katy, Tx where football is king for our small town!

Even though they didn’t pull out a win in the championship game, each player kept their heads up. There were tears shed and even injuries (my son broke his thumb) that came along with their journey to the championship game, but each of the boys knew they played their hearts out in “that” game. Next year, he will begin his journey in Katy football at the junior high level. His passion for the game runs deep in his heart! He has the passion my husband had playing football at his school in Oak Grove, Missouri. Go Panthers! :)

The home of champions reigns on the football fields in Katy, TX. With 8 state titles under the belt of these boys...they know a thing or two about winning!

Basically what I am saying is…we eat, sleep, and breathe football in our house. When the season is over, we train for the next season. Go Tigers! Go Big Red!

We believe in Katy football and all the tradition of excellence that it teaches our boys about the game and town they grow up in. Katy football has and always will be a memory our boys in red and white can cherish for years!

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