My Top Kitchen Gadgets

As a mom living in a house full of boys, I find myself in the kitchen more than I would like most days. It’s a vicious cycle of:

  • Mom, I’m hungry.
  • Mom, what’s for dinner?
  • Mom, is it time to eat yet?
  • Mom, when will dinner be done?

I’m sure you’ve heard it before. Some days I would like to run and hide in the closet, but then I remember the door doesn’t have a lock on it so I do what any mom would do…answer their questions or just get up and fix something for them to eat.

Because I don’t like to spend a ton of time in the kitchen and most days I don’t have all day to stand at the kitchen stove, I wanted to share how I keep my sanity with my favorite kitchen gadgets.

As a mom in a house full of boys, I find myself in the kitchen ALL THE TIME. These top kitchen gadgets are huge helpers and get dinner on the table quickly.

Top Kitchen Gadgets Every Home Needs

Kitchenaid Classic Stand Mixer

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer

My Kitchenaid mixer and I are best friends! Since I received mine a little over a year ago, I often find myself asking how I lived without it for so long.  The Classic Stand Mixer by Kitchen is the cheapest priced in their line of products, but it still packs a mean punch and helps make baking easier in my house! You know you want one!



Nuwave Oven

NuWave Oven
My Nuwave oven is my go-to kitchen gadget when I need to get dinner on the table in a hurry. It’s particularly useful when I forget to pull dinner out like I just remembered…right now!  Hang on a sec, let me pull out something from the freezer. :)

Ok, I’m back! Whew…tonight we are having homemade chicken tenders, and they will officially be ready in about 10 minutes.  So I’ll cut this short so I can enjoy dinner with the family!

By far, the Nuwave Oven is worth its weight in gold for busy moms on the go! Check it out for yourself!


Ninja Master Prep Pro

Ninja Master Prep Pro

Want a smoothie? The Ninja Master Prep Pro is the kitchen gadget to make one for you. Want to dice up onions quickly? Want to make breadcrumbs quickly? You guessed it…the Ninja is your go-to gadget!

I’ve had my Ninja for about four years now, and it’s been a blessing in disguise.  Not only have we enjoyed many smoothies with the help of my Ninja, but it has also been a helper in the kitchen with getting dinner done in a hurry.

This product is on the lower end price points of some of my favorite products, but the price being so low only makes me happier to own one in my kitchen!


Rachael Ray Hard-Anodized Cookware Set

Rachael Ray Hard-Anodized Cookware Set

What can I say about the Rachael Ray pots, pans, and baking dishes?!?!  Oh, I know…they are AWESOME!! Yes, they totally deserve all caps!  When I picked up my set a few years ago, I was apprehensive and thought I was only purchasing the product for the name on the handle.

Not even close!  The Rachael Ray Cookware and baking set both exceeded my expectations. They seriously do not let the food stick! Even to this day, 4 or 5 years down the road, I am still in love with my Rachael Ray Cookware Set.  Trust me…it’s worth the investment!

rachael ray

Calphalon Knife Block Set

Calphalon Knife Block Set

I thought my husband was crazy when he told me that we should invest in a great knife set. I mean I was happy with the set I already had…it was functional and did whatever cutting I needed to do in the kitchen…most of the time.

Ok, see this is where he won…I said most of the time. When we invested in this Calphalon Knife Block Set, I couldn’t say that anymore. Every cut, trim, slice, dice is done with precision and ease. Even a couple years later, I’m still impressed with our Calphalon knife set…it has transformed the way I saw prepping dinner! It’s been well worth the investment…in my opinion!


As a mom in a house full of boys, I find myself in the kitchen ALL THE TIME. These top kitchen gadgets are huge helpers and get dinner on the table quickly.

What is your favorite kitchen gadget?

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