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Back to School Breakfast Ideas

Are you ready to send your children back to school after a long summer? Although it can be nice to have the kids back to their normal school schedule, back to school time also means waking up early to make sure there’s breakfast waiting for the kids.

Back to School Breakfast Ideas - simple breakfast meal ideas to help you get back into your back to school routine!

Since your children will be spending the entire morning and part of the afternoon learning, it’s important to give them the nutrients they need to get through the day. These back to school breakfast ideas will help give your children the start they need.

Back to School Breakfast Ideas

Homemade Oatmeal Bars

Oatmeal is a nutritious breakfast that is both delicious and filling, but this meal can get a little old after awhile. Spice things up this school year by making homemade oatmeal bars for your children. You can bake this yummy treat with any of your kid’s favorite fruits, making it even more delicious. The great thing about this breakfast idea is you can bake it the day before and serve it the next morning with little preparation time!

Apple Fritters

Sometimes breakfast can be a battle. This is never a good thing when your children are already running behind and the bus is due to arrive at any moment. Keep breakfast time running smoothly by serving up some warm apple fritters. Your children will love this tasty dish so much, they won’t have time to fight you about eating.


Breakfast is a great time to bond with your children before sending them off to school. Use your breakfast time to bond with your children over a nutritious meal like quiche or muffin tin omelets. The great thing about quiche is you can add different ingredients to the mix to keep things interesting. Western quiche or spinach and bacon quiche are both great alternatives to this traditional dish. If breakfast needs to be on the go, make your quiche in a small muffin pan.

Egg Burritos

Eggs are very nutritious and are a great way to start the day, which is why egg burritos make an excellent back-to-school breakfast. Egg burritos don’t take much time or effort, so you can wake up a few minutes before the family and prepare a huge pan of scrambled eggs. After the eggs are prepared, you simply need to set out the tortilla shells and any condiments your family likes to add.

Fruit Smoothies

Make sure your family gets a serving of fruit in the morning by preparing fruit smoothies for breakfast. You can make this breakfast more interesting by experimenting with different fruit combinations in a blender. Consider trying a strawberry kiwi smoothie one morning and mixed berry another! Your family will never get tired of the different tastes you can create with this back-to-school breakfast idea.

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