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Back to School Snack Ideas

In the eyes of a child, snack time is the best time of day! They have worked so hard at school and after a nutritious lunch packed by none other than “mom,” they arrive home at the end of the day craving a delicious treat!

These simple back to school snack ideas will help make sure the kids are refueling their minds after a long day with simple staples for them to grab & go.

With these simple back to school snack ideas, you can make sure the kids are refueling their minds after a long day while still keeping simple staples in the pantry for them to grab on the go.

Back to School Snack Ideas

Veggie Tray

When your kids come home from school ready to eat, have them munch on a veggie tray. You can include all of your children’s favorites, such as broccoli, celery, and carrots. This is also a great snack to give your children if you’ve kept your own veggie garden over the summer. Your kids will be getting a nutritious snack while you get rid of some of those excess garden vegetables.

Apple Slices

Another great snack to give your children is an apple. You can give your children each a whole apple or you can cut up your children’s apples into slices then store it in this cute apple lunchbox container. To make this snack even tastier, you can give your children their choice of dipping sauces. Caramel, yogurt, and chocolate all make delicious toppings for apple slices.

Yogurt & Granola

When planning your after-school snack menu, don’t forget to add some probiotics to mix. Yogurt is a great source of this important nutrient, so try to give your children at least 1 serving a day. Snack time is perfect for this since your children are looking for a light snack to hold them over until dinner is ready. You can make things more interesting by topping this snack with granola or fruit. Your children will love it!

Grapes & Cheese Cubes

Sometimes finger foods are the best for snacks, and one of the best finger foods around is grapes. Pick a few grapes off the stem or storage container and serve them up with some cheese cubes. You can vary this snack up by alternating between red grapes and green grapes or by serving different kinds of cheese. This healthy back-to-school snack is sure to be a favorite.

Trail Mix

Although throwing together a quick snack isn’t a big deal, sometimes it’s nice to be able to just grab and go. That’s where trail mix comes in. If you have a busy afternoon coming up but your children are all hungry, grab a bag of trail mix and let them dig in. If you have time to make your own, try this trail mix recipe. This snack will fill them up without ruining their appetites for dinner, and you won’t need to spend any extra time in the kitchen.

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