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Back to School Lunch Ideas

Lunch is a big deal at school. Anytime you go into a school cafeteria around lunchtime, you can see kids showing off their meals. Make your children’s back to school meals a big deal this year by packing them some awesome lunches.

Not sure what will make a good lunch this back to school season? Here are a few back to school lunch ideas your children are sure to love.

When my boys go to school, all of the kids look forward to seeing what they have in their lunch box. Most of the time, it means that something is going to disappear from their lunch and get eaten by another child. We have grown to accept it and now we pack extra food so the boys can share the wealth. When it comes to lunch, we don’t do the traditional sandwich, chips, fruit and a drink often. It gets old quickly so we have decided to break up the monotony of lunch packing with other ideas.

Not sure what will make a good lunch? Here are a few back to school lunch ideas your children are sure to love.

Back to School Lunch Ideas

Cucumber Sandwich

A cucumber sandwich will make a healthy and tasty lunch your children will enjoy. This is a great meal choice since it doesn’t need to be warmed up. You can simply put it in the lunchbox with an ice pack, and then it will be perfectly chilled in time for lunch. Use different types of bread or even pita pockets to make this lunch even more delicious.

Veggie Pizza

Although you want your children to enjoy their lunches, you also want them to get some of those vitamins and nutrients that will make their brains work hard. Instead of packing greasy pizza for your children, pack a fresh slice of veggie pizza. This delicious lunch can be made on pizza crust and topped with cream cheese spread, shredded cheese, and any of your children’s favorite veggies.

Chicken Salad Wrap

This is another great lunch choice for your children since it needs to be served chilled instead of heated up. If you have some extra chicken lying around from dinner, cut it up and make some chicken salad. Throw in your favorite ingredients like grapes, celery and even chopped apples. Next, spread this delicious concoction on a wrap and place it in your children’s lunchbox with an ice pack.


Your children are sure to go crazy over this next back to school lunch idea. I mean, who doesn’t love bacon? If you’re looking for quick but delicious lunch to throw together, a BLT is perfect. All you need to cook is the bacon and then simply put the bacon, lettuce and tomatoes on toasted bread. Quick, simple and yet absolutely scrumptious!


Do you want all of the other children to be jealous of your child’s lunch? Then you need to pack nachos! Your children will thank you for preparing this delicious treat, especially since they can pick all of their favorite toppings. You can add meat, veggies, beans, jalapeños, and more to the top of your children’s nacho dish, making it even more filling and tasty.

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