7 Things Moms With Boys Need To Understand

Were you blessed with a house full of all boys? Moms with boys definitely understand life with craziness, energy, and differences all around you.  Yet, you may find it difficult to see all the blessings you have.  Sometimes, it just gets a bit overwhelming cleaning up all the messes and working around all the noise.  That’s why I decided to get real and talk about those things that us Moms With Boys will eventually come to understand and sometimes have to remember.

Moms With Boys: Check out these 7 Things Moms With Boys Need To Understand to survive the rough and tumble dirty and disorderly days ahead!

7 Things Moms With Boys Need To Understand

If we get honest, we have to say that there are going to be days as moms with boys that we just want to throw in the towel.  We get exhausted with all the noise and dirt.  Even the most tomboy of moms can get exhausted.  Trust me, I know.  I am a rough and tumble, go mudding, and get dirty, mom, who loves my boys.  Yet, at the same time, I just need some peace and quiet and a clean house.  It gets tough sometimes, and I want you to know you just aren’t alone.  We all have these moments, and it’s time to no longer feel alone.

It isn’t Greener on the Other side

Having a girl to go with all those rowdy boys isn’t necessarily easier. In fact, when you go from having all boys to bringing a little girl into the house, chances are you will be totally lost on what to do. Girls are different so they need different toys, cuter clothes, and a lot of protection. Having all girls or all boys have different challenges, but the theory still stands: It isn’t greener on the other side. Yeah, you may have pee everywhere, but with girls, you have stuff everywhere.  Plus, you’ll have different emotions, hormones, and expenses to manage.  Stop looking at the other side of the fence and focus on the good things on your side of the fence.

Boys Love their Mamas in a Special Way

You are the first woman to ever come into your boys’ life. They have a special place in their heart for you. They will always love their mama no matter what life throws their way. Though they may stray away for a while, mom is always their rock.  Moms with boys can understand this special bond and the defensive mechanism that comes built into their sons.  Boys love their moms and work hard to protect them.  This is the one thing that can often help you to see past the frustration of the dirt and noise or other frustrations.

They are your Children

When it comes right down to it, whether boy or girl, they are your children. Having all boys or all girls makes no difference in the amount of love you will have for your children. You will love each little child just as fiercely as the next. Eventually, you will understand that it doesn’t matter what gender you have, you love them all.

Sometimes, however, we as mothers, struggle with our emotions.  We just don’t “feel” love at times.  That is nothing to feel shame for.  We all have to deal with different phases in life and emotions.  Whether it is from postpartum depression, anxiety, overwhelming life circumstances, or your kids’ actions, you may not always feel that overjoying love.  It’s okay to admit, that as moms with boys, you don’t always like your kids or even feel that warm and fuzzy feeling inside.  It’s how you act upon those feelings that matter.

You see, love doesn’t always just magically appear.  It takes work, and time, and yes, chemicals in your brain working together.  Sometimes, there are mental health issues at play that need to be addressed.  I think it is worth mentioning that yes, just because they are your children doesn’t mean that a magic wand is going to wave fairy dust over you to make you feel like you love them more than others.  It just doesn’t always happen that way.  If you are feeling despondent or like you aren’t feeling that love the way you think you should, don’t hesitate to reach out for help.

They are All Different

There is an old saying that says, “Boys will be boys.” As moms with boys, you will come to understand that each of your boys is different from the last. Boys may be similar in many ways, but when it comes right down to it, they are just little people who are full of differences in this world. One may be rough and tumble; one may be clean and dainty; while another may be artistically inclined. Even if you raise all your boys the same way, they will each grow up to be different adults.

Some books that have helped me through the years to understand about parenting boys can be helpful in learning about dealing with these differences.  I find that it’s a good idea to read and learn about different styles of parenting, as well as different types of kids.  That helps you recognize characteristics in your sons so as moms with boys you can conquer issues before they become a problem.

My top picks include books for kids in general, parenting, and specifically boys.  You may also want to consider some of these are more religious based than others, so read reviews to make sure they fit your parenting styles.

Weapons Come in all Shapes and Sizes

It really doesn’t matter if you don’t buy a toy gun, knife, or another weapon. No one knows who teaches kids some of the things they learn, and your boys are surely going to learn how to make swords from sticks, guns from toys, and knives from various objects around the house. Everything and anything can become a weapon, so look out mom.

This is just battle moms with boys have to fight or learn to ignore.  Choose your battles.  This is one that many moms ignore, or learn to stick with fighting only outside their own home.  Whatever your choice, understand and accept it is one you’ll face whether you expose them to weapons outside the home or not.

Farts, frogs, and boogers are Funny

If you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. Your boys are going to think everything that’s disgusting and rude is funny. From silent, but deadly farts to the loud obnoxious belches, everything is funny. Eventually, as moms of boys, you will come to understand this is just a funny thing and if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them.  If you still can’t stand it, take this as a perfect time to remove yourself from a nice soothing bath and a time to have some alone time while the guys do guy things.

They will Get Hurt

Life is full of consequences. Let’s face it; most boys are rough and tumble. Eventually, you will understand there is just no preventing them from getting hurt. You can take all the steps, safety precautions, and try to keep them safe, but they will always find a way to get hurt. Don’t worry mom’s life lessons are sometimes worth it in the end.  This can be one of the toughest things to manage, but as moms with boys, you can and will realize that injuries happen and you’ll learn to cope.  We’ve had bruises, broken bones, concussions, and of course all manner of viruses, colds, and flu.  We survived, and so will you.

As a mom with boys, you aren’t alone.  It can seem overwhelming.  It is.  I know it is, and so do you.  It’s okay.  Don’t let it get you down.  Feel free to come here and just vent all you want.  Join us in crying, yelling, and laughing, then take a few deep breaths and learn that you can’t conquer this all on your own. Stop and sign up for our newsletter below, and check out our top parenting tips listed for more great ways to deal with being a mom of boys!

Check out these 7 Things Moms With Boys Need To Understand to survive the rough and tumble dirty and disorderly days ahead!

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