I Miss You…

After all these years and all the sleepovers our kids have been to I have never have felt so helpless. Our kids have always been champs…never once needing to come home early or missing us when they stay at a friends house. Quite frankly it has surprised me that neither of them has had this problem.

Miss You

I Miss You…

I’ve heard so many of my friends tell me how their little one had to leave early from a sleepover and I’ve witnessed it first hand when a friend of the boys was staying over, but I’ve never personally had this problem with my boys when they stay with friends.  I thought for sure we had dodged that bullet and our kids were over resilient to change that life would go through without me (mainly) feeling helpless until…a couple weeks ago.

Our youngest son made plans to stay with a friend that lives about 30 minutes away. He has stayed there many times without a hitch, but this trip was different. At 1 am my phone buzzes with a text. I open it immediately only to see…

“I miss you”

Instantly my heart sank. I was in shock. I couldn’t understand, but I also didn’t want his fun to be spoiled so I quickly came back with:

“I miss you too baby. Cover up and close your eyes. I’ll see you in our dreams tonight. Love you.”

I thought all was right in the world when he responded with night and love you too.

Then it happened again…

Miss you flies across my screen and I was like melted butter in no time. Wanting to jump in the car but resisting the urge I nestled my body in the covers and sent a text back requesting he go to sleep so I could see him in my dreams.

Nestled in bed, I quickly drifted off to sleep and hung out with my son metaphorically.

Regardless of their age or how many times they have slept over at a friends house, remember your children do love you and enjoy the comfort of your embrace.

Make today great and find that small moment to shine in your child’s eyes.

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