Easy Tutorials ~ Hand Painted Or Rhinestone Canvas Tote Bag

Tutorial - Hand Painted Or Rhinestone Tote BagEasy Tutorials ~ Hand Painted Or Rhinestone Canvas Tote Bag


Tote bags are a great way to keep library books together, hold a coupon binder, or just use as an everyday bag in the car for kids toys.  There are just so many different ways that you can use canvas tote bags in everyday life, so why can’t they be cute and personalized?  Having a canvas tote bag personalized can cost in upwards of $20+ and it’s still going to be the same canvas tote bag.  Check out how you can make your own at home even if you don’t have a decorating bone in your body!  :)
Hand Painted Or Rhinestone Tote BagItems needed: 

  • Canvas Tote Bag (13.5 x 13.5 x 3.5 in)
  • Paper Doilie (found @ Dollar Tree)
  • Spray Adhesive
  • Black Fabric Paint (or any color you choose)
  • Small Paint Brush
  • Iron
  • Pencil
  • Towel
  • Rhinestone Iron On (optional)

How to make a hand painted or rhinestone tote bag: 

  1. Iron canvas tote bag, so there are no wrinkles
  2. Use spray adhesive and spray back side of paper doilie
  3. Place paper doilie in bottom corner of bag with 1/4 hanging off edge at the bottom (or place in center of the bag)
  4. Paint design on canvas bag
  5. Peel off paper doilie
  6. Let dry
  7. Use pencil to draw letter
  8. Monogram freehand letter on bag
  9. Let Dry
  10. Use towel and place over design and iron over it for a few seconds.  This will allow the paint to set and the bag to be washable.

Optional: You can use a rhinestone iron on design in place of the monogrammed letter.

**All products can be found @ Wal-Mart and most dollar stores in your area.

Total Cost: around $4 for 1 bag

Time to Complete: 1 1/2 hours

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