How to Choose the Right Media for Kids

Have you ever been flipping through the TV channel and something grotesque comes on and you quickly change the channel? As parents, we still have morals and values for the media we put in front of our children. Here is how we choose the right media for kids and teach them to make a good choice as well.

Wholesome family shows are sparse in this day in age. See how we choose the right media for kids that provide a good media influence in their lives.

Tips To Choose The Right Media For Kids

Repeating Words

If the language within the television show is raunchy we automatically change it. Kids learn words from somewhere and we would not be happy if our kids repeated some of the raunchy language they hear on television. Sadly, it might be a good show, but if the language is off, then we turn it off.

Family Friendly

If the show is something we can watch together as a family, this makes me happy! Television shows don’t need to be “babyish” and they don’t have to be to “adult” either. I love being able to sit down with my family and watch a show together.

A Lasting Impression

Another way we determine if a show is good enough for our kids to watch in a family friendly manner is the lasting impression it leaves on our children. For example, watching Schindlers list with our kids can help leave a positive impact because it’s about history. However, watching something called “Get Hard” with our kids probably won’t have as much value. The shows or movies we choose to watch with our kids should leave a positive impact not a negative one.

Watching it Alone

Okay, there are some things our kids want to watch on their own without their parents breathing down their back. And sometimes we have to trust our kids enough to watch something even when we’re not there to help them choose it. We have given examples to our children on what’s acceptable to watch and what’s not acceptable. Sometimes you just have to take the leap and let them make a decision. If they make the wrong one, all you can do is use it as a learning lesson and hope they make a better choice next time.

Here is a small checklist to help your family choose family friendly media-

  • Wholesome
  • Good language
  • Plot is good
  • The overall message of the movie is good
  • No sexually explicit content

How do you help your kids choose the right media?

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