Back to School Tips for Middle School

When many people think of back to school rushes, it is often the cute crayons you must buy for your little one or the new backpack for your elementary kid. While back to school is stressful on any parent or kid, when it comes to going back to school for middle school kids, it can be quite a transition, especially if this is the first time they are entering.

The middle school years are some of the hardest years for your child socially and academically because they are in transition from child to teen. The school work gets harder, homework gets more intense and their peers become so important to them. If you have a middle schooler heading back this fall, here are some back to school tips for middle school students that are sure to help make this year a smoother one.

If you have a middle schooler heading back to school this fall, here are some back to school tips for middle school students that will make the year smooth.

Back to School Tips for Junior High Students

Take a tour of the school on an open house day with your student. This can help your student feel less anxious if they know the general layout of the school, how things go during a typical day and get to meet some of the teachers and staff. This will give them an opportunity to ask questions as well as go over what to expect in the student handbook. Knowing what is coming will solve most kid’s fears.

Make sure you make copies of your student’s class schedules. Not knowing where to go in a new school or a new year can be very nerve-racking. If your student forgets where to go, they may be too embarrassed to asked. Make sure you have a couple of copies on hand and put them in numerous spots in your student’s backpack.

Make sure to provide a specific homework spot at home. Making a homework spot is best at this age because students will find themselves with more work than they may have had last year and it gives them a place to do it with minimal distractions. You may also want to set a specific homework time as well.

Help your student get organized. This is a good age to start buying more advanced organizational tools such as a day planner, sticky notes and so on. You can also buy organizational elements to place in their locker. Emphasize organization over everything else when it comes to homework time and your middle school student is bound to succeed.

Make a special place at home for school and after school activities supplies. This would be a great thing to do with your mud room if you have one. A hall closet also works well. Keep all the things your student needs from their backpack to football equipment in there to keep everything in one place and keep it organized. This will save a lot of stress when it comes to going from school to after school stuff in a quick manner.

As a parent, get to know your child’s teachers, principal and staff. This is a vital time to be involved in your child’s education. It might be a good idea to go on outings with your child’s class to get to know his or her peers in a non-threatening way (to your student) as well as get involved in extra-curricular activities.

What are some ways you help your middle school student be successful?

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