Get Organized Before the New Year Begins

5 Ways to Get Organized before the new year begins

If your goal for next year is to be more organized, have I got some tips for you! Being more organized means so much and can mean different things to different people depending on where your trouble areas are. Don't think of organization as an all-or-nothing endeavor! It is, after-all, a lifestyle change and this is most effectively done in small steps. Here are some tips to on ways to get organized before the New Year begins so when January hits, you have a head start to your new life! 5 … [Read more...]

Flipp App Keeps Savings In Your Pocket #Flipp4Holidays

Save money with the Flipp App | Moms Confession

A few short years ago, I thought saving money with coupons was the only way I could make our families budget and grocery budget meet. I saved a ton of money clipping coupons, but these days clipping coupons is the last thing on my mind. I simply don't have the time, nor energy to put into it. After trying many different methods to save money, I've since gone back to where I began...using the sales ads to save, but there is one little twist that comes along with my new savings plan! The … [Read more...]

Silver & White Marshmallow Pops

Silver & White Marshmallow Pops...Perfect of the Holidays! | Moms Confession

'Tis the season for delicious food and these marshmallow pops are sure to please everyone at your party. I love a good appetizer, but a delicious dessert at the holiday party wins me over every.single.time. What can I say? I love sweets! Don't you? If you are planning a party or need a little pick me up to get you through the holiday season....these Silver & White Marshmallow Pops are sure to do the trick! :) Silver & White Marshmallow Pops   Print Author: Kristi @ … [Read more...]

Thirty-One Gifts…Perfect for the Holidays

The Thirty-One Canvas Carry-all is perfect for me! | Moms Confession

This post is sponsored by Thirty-One Gifts. All opinions are 100% my own. Every holiday season, I am left with trying to pick out the perfect gift for everyone on the list. You know something unique? Something special? Something that you know the person on the receiving end of your gift...will love. Yeah that one! This holiday season, I did some looking around online and found Thirty-One Gifts. Instantly I fell in love with all of their designs and realized they were more than just a … [Read more...]

Tips for Teaching Children the Importance of Giving at Christmas

Tips for teaching children the importance of giving at Christmas | Moms Confession

Christmas can either bring out the Grinch or the giver in all of us!  But, there is no better time than Christmas to teach children about the importance of giving.  Jennifer Carver, from Spaceships and Laser Beams, is here sharing some tips for teaching children about the spirit of giving. Tips for Teaching Children the Importance of Giving at Christmas Tip #1:  Start by doing a small gift exchange in your home.  Teaching children to look outside of themselves should start in the home.  … [Read more...]

Stretch Your Holiday Budget with Coinstar #PowerofCoins

Stretch Your Holiday Budget with Coinstar | Moms Confession

This post is sponsored by Coinstar. All opinions are 100% my own. 'Tis the season for joy and the smiles on everyones face. It’s also the season for giving, which can throw the holiday budget out of line. With the help of Coinstar, you are in luck and the kids can even get in on the action this year. Stretch Your Holiday Budget with Coinstar My boys love this time of year, but then again what kid doesn’t love the holidays? Right? They get all the newest toys and gadgets on the market … [Read more...]


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