Featured Pinterest Board: Thanksgiving Recipes and More

Thanksgiving Recipes and More!

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away! Before we know it, our families will be gathered around the table giving thanks for the time we have together. Take a look at some of my favorite Thanksgiving Recipes, Crafts, & More: Smoked Turkey Baked Bourbon Honey Ham Creative Thanksgiving Side Dishes {Read More…}

Hot Toddy Shot

Stop cold and cough season with this hot toddy shot recipe | Moms Confession

Tis’ the season for cold and cough. Tis’ the season for hot toddies! Even though it’s early in the season, my family has already been plagued by the nasty cough this year. Thanks Mother Nature! Dealing with any sort of sickness is not fun…especially when it’s a cough and you having a hard time breathing. {Read More…}

Winter Emergency Car Kit

Winter Car Emergency Kit

While most of us don’t do a a lot of traveling via car during the winter, other than the holiday maybe, there are some things that every car owner should have in their vehicles should you come into an emergency on the road. There are several things that are important to have on hand in {Read More…}

Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

Number 1 resource for Cyber Monday Shopping Tips

While the mad rush to get the best deals is often focused on Black Friday, did you know that there is an alternative to the in-person shopping craziness? The last few years, “Cyber Monday” has been the spot for those of us who like to shop in our Pjs sipping on hot cocoa or pumpkin {Read More…}

Delicious Leftover Turkey Ideas

Delicious recipe ideas to use leftover turkey

Traditionally, turkeys for Thanksgiving are roasted or baked, but in recent years, many people have taken to frying or even smoking a turkey for their family’s feast. Each type of cooking method will reveal it’s own unique flavors. Depending on if you like your turkey juicy or a little bit dry will determine which kind {Read More…}

Tips to Get the Most out of Your Black Friday Experience

Tips for Helping You get the Most out of your black friday experience

The holiday season is just around the corner and that means the crazy shopping season will kick off soon. For most people, that means hot deals on Black Friday. In order to help you get the most out of your Black Friday shopping experience, I have made a list of tips to help you save {Read More…}

DIY Autumn Leaf Banner

diy autumn leaf banner

Although in most parts of the country, the leaves have long fallen by now, here in Washington where I live, we are a bit late in the game. I absolutely love the colors of fall when it finally starts happening here, though! The only thing about Autumn that is quite a bummer is the fact {Read More…}


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