Winterize Your Home: 5 Tips to Cut Heating Costs

Generally, Texas has pretty decent weather during the winter months.  Our lows usually don’t get lower than 25°, but I know my Northern friends have it worse than we do down here in the south.  If I were to say that our temperature was 25° today, I know you all would be laughing and saying “You think that’s cold!”

5 Simple Tips to Cut Heating Costs this Winter

Winterize Your Home: 5 Tips to Cut Heating Costs

I lived in Kansas City for two years and these Southern bones were not used to the cold temperatures that they have up there.  Let’s just say…I was a little bird and flew south for the winter !  Brrr…I don’t know how Northerners do it!  😉

Below are some ideas that I have come up with to help you save this winter and cut the heating costs that are associated with it.  There are many other ways to save, but these are my top 5 tips to help you cut your heating bills down this winter season.  Enjoy the savings!

  1. Keep your thermostat in check: We usually keep our thermostat around 65-66 degrees in our house.  This allows the air to get warm and keep us all toasty.
  2. Use the fireplace (if you have one):  We don’t have one and I wish we did.  Just make sure it is clean and you are venting out of the house otherwise this could make for a very bad situation.
  3. Seal all cracks, windows, and doors:  This one is very simple and your supplies can be purchased right at Wal-Mart and some dollar stores even sell these products.  For the windows, use silicon caulking to seal all cracks and seals around the windows.  Doing this will help you not only save this winter, but it will also help you out during the summer months to cut cost on your air conditioning. For the doors, weather strips are your next best friend.  Again, this will save you year round.
  4. Compare providers: This is a surefire way to save some money.  In Texas, we have the Power to Choose.  This is for electric providers, but it is definitely a great tool to use when you are looking to change providers for your electricity.  Power to Choose allows you to compare rates for your particular area (only if you live in Texas).   For those with electric heating, this can be a great savings.  For others (like me) who have gas, Power to Choose is a great resource for us in the summer months since our electric bills skyrocket through the roof.
  5. Use heat you have:  The winter months are all about baking and if you can (not recommended if you have little ones that like to explore), leave the oven door open to keep the heat radiating through the house. I have tried this and was surprised at how warm my kitchen and dining area were just from the heat left from cooking dinner.

Looking for more ways to get your home ready for winter?  Check out these 7 Ways to Winterize Your Home.

Do you have any other tips that help you cut heating costs during the winter?

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  1. HVAC contractor Dallas says

    These tips are very useful. I do practice tip no. five a lot because I love baking and this has greatly helped in warming up the kitchen. Actually, this is a very useful tip for us especially that we spend most of our time in this room. However, this is definitely not advisable when kids are around.

  2. Sillowine Sanderson says

    This is really helpful for the winter! What else should you know when making sure you have all of your windows and cracks sealed? I feel like I may miss a few or not close them all the way. Once I get my furnace repaired with the residential heating company, I’m going to put all of your advice into use!

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